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convertible carry-on strap conservation?

The RS convertible carry-on has clips for an optional shoulder strap.
The Civita shoulder bag has a strap that clips on and off.
Does anyone know if the Civita shoulder bag strap can be used on the
RS convertible carry-on?
Perhaps the strap isn't long enough or strong enough?
If I can have one strap that does double-duty, that would be nice.
(I realize that the other direction would work -- the accessory strap would work on the civita shoulder bag,
but it would be overkill, and I already have the smaller bag and strap, still considering the carry-on.)

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No, it won't work. The Civita Shoulder Bag strap is way too short and very thin. I replaced it with a Tom Bihn simple Strap which may not be strong enough for the Convertible Carry On.

If you don't want a second shoulder strap, just carry the Convertible Carry-on like a sling via one backpack strap.

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Ditto Frank. My RS carry-on bag, purchased in 2000, came with a shoulder sling, but I don't take it anymore. I found that it was difficult to use (kept trying to slide off). Now if I'm in a hurry (like getting off a plane), I just slip one backpack strap over a shoulder and go.

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Thanks for the replies --
and for reminding me that the built-in straps can be used on one shoulder!
As Orwell said, to see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle.

Have you found the Convertible Carry-On to be right-sized for traveling light?

I'm coming at it from the other direction compared to the RS advocacy of giving up bulky baggage;
I've been traveling with the equivalent of a pillowcase for a day bag and gym bag for my carry-on,
and am now considering moving in a sturdier direction, to allow for inclement weather, etc.
Have never carried an umbrella or jacket, just picked up if needed, or more often gotten wet...

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If you're used to packing lighter and won't always fill up the bag, then you can use the external compression straps on each side to cinch it into a more compact shape.

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Sold! I've put in my order to take advantage of the current bag sale.

I've been chewing over the ways in which my equipage and vestments convey an impression, and set a tone for my own behavior,
and I think this RS gear will move me in a more mature direction. (By 'equipage' and 'vestments' I mean equipaje y vestidos.)

I may post a thread or two about this in a wider context, but it's been on my mind that I was once stopped by hotel security in a fancy spot I was staying at in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City and asked what business I had there. On that same trip, I ran to make it onto a departing train just as the doors were closing, and I noticed that everyone in the compartment was hugging their bags extra tight -- I looked around to see what was causing the anxiety, and after puzzling it out, I realized it was me.

Maybe with the RS imprimatur on my bag and some extra room for clean clothes, I'll feel more welcome in the posh quarters.