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Trolley for carry on

I have a fairly new quilted carry on case which does not have wheels. I'd really like to use it to go on our next trip, but it gets heavy on the shoulders carrying it through the airport, etc. Have tried to find just a trolley frame (preferably with spinner wheels) to put it on, with no success. Any ideas? Thank you!

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The trolley will only add to the weight. And spinner wheels are marginally useful outside of the airport so you could be carrying both. Also think the trolley market died when wheels became standard on most suitcases. May have to get a new bag if wheels are important.

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Before wheels were so prevalent, I used to have a little cart that folded up and fit in my bag, but I couldn't tell the size from my quick look at the ones on Amazon. Here's one similar example:

It worked for me long ago and I think it is still a good idea. I let someone borrow my light, semi plastic one and never saw it again… I've never seen one with spinner wheels, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I think this route is still lighter than a wheeled suitcase, especially if you don't need to use it all the time. Good luck. Wray

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I have one that came with a cooler. I have used it in NYC a couple of times, but every time I use it I am reminded as to awful it was when this was the only option for luggage. I had one of those carts and it was a pain. The suitcase wouldn't stay on it, and you had to maneuver it very carefully up any steps. And then on the plane you were not allowed to put it in the overhead. I don't know if that is still the case, but it's annoying to have underfoot for a 2 hour flight to Chicago let alone 7-8 to Europe!

I am sure that it really lovely, but I would not use it. It will get heavier and heavier as the trip progresses. Also, it will get dirty. And if you find a cheap cart, it will probably break. : (

I just can't be optimistic about this for you. : ( Save the bag for week end trips in the US.


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If you're planning on traveling in Europe, you're likely to leave a spinner wheel or two stuck between the cobblestones. Unfortunately, I also suggest hardier luggage for this trip. Your trolley will probably count as a piece of luggage; can you afford that (using your luggage allotment on the trolley)?

I've assumed this is a full-sized carry-on bag (like 7x14x20, +/-); is this a smaller under-the-seat type bag?

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Thanks all of you, you bring up some very good points that I had not considered. I think I will save the cloth carry-on for car trips and weekend trips here in this country, and find something more solid with built-in wheels for Europe. Thank you!

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If you really learn to pack light, you won't need wheels. Pack too heavy and then you need wheels, and that adds more weight and you have to check it, and then you have to have heavier material because of the baggage gorillas and that adds more weight. Pretty soon what could have been a 12# carry-on becomes a 30# inconvenience, and it gets lost so you have nothing.