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Micronet travel towel from RS store

Has anyone bought the micronet travel towel from the RS store? How did you find it and why did you travel with it? I am going on the RS GAS tour and thinking about getting it since i would like to go to the mineral baths in Baden-Baden and someone wrote and said they brought it with them. Can you tell me if you liked the product? Thank you.

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I have bought the towel, they are light to travel. I use it for the gym. I have only taken it once on trips. Most of the hotels will provide you with towels for bathing. If near a beach, most will also provide beach towels. If you have your hotel list, you can always email them to find out if they would provide you with one.


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A Micronet towel goes with me on every trip. I use the smaller one (20" x40"); the towel isn't bulky to pack and dries quickly. I've tried other tech-fabric towels from REI etc, but keep going back to the RS towel. It's a great size.

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I have had a similar towel for years that I always take when traveling. Although mostly used for helping dry the in-sink laundry, I have also used it as a napping blanket, a picnic cloth, a hair drying towel... Thanks to this post, I am now thinking of taking it along on my next flight to Europe in my personal item to use as a seat blanket on the airplane. My towel is quite large, but folds up small and light.


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I have the 50x30, I took it on the Sicily tour in 2015. It was great for rolling sink laundry and I also used it at the beach at Cefalu. It dries overnight, I rinsed out the beach sand while in the shower at Cefalu it was dry in the AM. I will take it on future trips (Switzerland July). I also take it to the beach in FL. Ray

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I've used my RS micronet towel on five tours now. Mostly to press out in-sink laundry but also for the occasional outing where towels are not otherwise available. My mega-sized towel reliably dries out overnight and is ready for another days service (unlike my socks on more than a few occasions).

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I have micronet towels from RS but don't use them much. When I want to take something that may be a beach towel, makeshift blanket or picnic cloth, they are great. However, they don't help much (IMHO) with laundry as they get wet after one use. The days you are washing shirts/pants etc., the micronet towels are not very helpful. If you are buying it primarily for laundry purposes think about a Viscose towel (like Packnet.) It wrings out about 96% dry and can do multiple loads. If you use your bath towels for laundry they are often still wet the next morning, so no fun after a shower. One trick I have learned is to use the bath mat towel. Most people don't care if that towel is a bit wet.

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I have the micronet towel in all three sizes but usually take the king size when I travel. It's large enough for modesty or as a beach towel and doesn't take up a lot of space. I actually use the super size for my every day towel at home. I also have the washcloths and they come in very handy if you're used to using a washcloth as many European hotels don't provide them.

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I use the largest RS micronet towel in all my travels, it is great for rolling clothes in to get them to dry faster. We've used it for a picnic blanket, as a regular towel at the beach, for a blanket on a cold train ride, rolled up as a pillow, etc. It's like American Express, I never leave for Europe without it.

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I do take a travel towel with me because I like a towel for the beach and I also like a quick dry towel for sink laundry.

That said, you can rent towels in Baden Baden.

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I took one of the larger ones with me when I walked the Camino, so had to use it every day for 4 weeks. Honest opinion? I dislike the feel of it. A lot. I would rather just have a worn thin, terry towel the next time.

They are quite expensive and everyone on the Camino who had one of these types of towels complained about how they feel. You can't really rub your skin. It is more of a pat your skin dry experience. Probably ok for using in the sauna or for helping to dry your clothing while doing hand wash as it does dry quickly.