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Rick Steve's Rolling Carry On Bag Questions

Do all of the wheeled bags stand on their own? Will they meet the size requirements of KLM, Air France and Lufthansa?

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Sure, unless you have off center loading. Steve's rolling tend to be a little smaller than average rolling bags and the fit the international standard very well.

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I have the rolling carryon. It will stand on its own if you put heavy things, like shoes, at the bottom (wheel end) of the bag. If heavy things are at the top, it will topple. So when you're packing, just test it for stability.
I like the bag. My biggest problem is overpacking so watch your measurements to comply with your airline. Weight restrictions too.

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You have to be careful with the dimensions of rolling bags, as often they don't include the height of the rolling wheels.

I've been questioned a few times about the size of my 21" Travel Pro swivel wheel rolling bags. I've remained firm, and usually talk my bags on without paying extra.

Big legacy airlines are not as picky as some of the smaller European budget airlines that use luggage as another profit center. Both Boeing and Airbus overhead storage holds my rolling bags.

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As long as the measurements for the bag given on this web site is correct, the bag should be OK with KLM. I imagine that Rick is more accurate with his specs than a lot of sites - that are way off.

One thing that I find curious is that the spinner carry on says it has a tiny bit more packing volume than the rolling carry of the same size. That's not what one would expect. Could that be correct?

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Over the years, I have found mistakes on the RS website in terms of dimensions. I've reported it and they were changed.

The spinner is slightly larger than the rolling carry on which is why there is a slight difference in volume.

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I have used my rolling carry-on for at over 15 years. I liked the larger wheels on it as they coped with cobbled streets and the expandable lid was useful. I have now switched to a smaller bag purchased in Europe which meets the requirements of most European airlines but still bring out the old RS bag when needed. I do find that as I age I prefer a spinner as pulling a bag stresses my back.

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Do all of the wheeled bags stand on their own?

The wheelie or the spinner?

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I have had my Rolling Carry On for about 5 years and I am sorry to say I can no longer recommend Rick Steve’s Luggage, I have a Rolling Carryon (that I love) that the zipper slider has pulled past the zipper stop (making it unusable). Looking online this seems to be an ongoing problem with the design of their zippers. However when I checked with Customer Service about a warranty repair I find out that it is considered wear and tear and not covered. Basically there is no Lifetime warranty on their products everything comes under wear and tear. I have been trying to reach customer service for about 3 weeks to discuss the problem and have had no response.