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Which bag should I choose?

Should I choose, the Osprey Farpoint 40L or the 53L (it is actually the osprey 70l, but I won't be bringing the day back, therefore it's only 53l)? If I take the 53L, it will not be full! Will the 53l fit as a carry on? I am travelling for 2+ months.
*note: the 53L that I am considering is actually the osprey 70l, but I won't be bringing the day back, therefore it's only 53L!!!!!

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The 53 L is not a carry on. The 40 L will work fine. I have used mine on several two month trips. It is not a great backpack, meaning you don't want to walk long distances with it. it it works fine getting around town etc.

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Best thing any traveler can do is go to Rick Steves' packing list, make a few mods and stick to one carry on bag and a big purse or a small backpack. If Rick can travel indefinitely with a carry on, so can anyone.

My parents were world travelers until about age 80, and I used to feel so sorry for my poor father lugging around her huge suitcase. My wife and I will continue to be perpetual travelers as long as we can each handle our own luggage. We're using Travel Pro 21" rollers that weigh 6 lbs. each.

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Check the dimensions of the Farpoint 53L, if it's more than 21 X 14 X 9 inches then you will not be able to carry-on, if you plan to check it that it doesn't matter.

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I am very happy with my Farpoint 40. It fits everything I need and leaves enough room for a few extras to come back with me. I find it to be comfortable to carry and it fits very nicely in the overhead bins on the planes. It doesn't become too heavy when full, I like the way it is divided up too. I highly recommend this bag.

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Looks like the Farpoint 53 is over 22 inches high. If you don't pack it full, it might squish to 22 inches, but otherwise it won't be a carryon.

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I have the Farpoint 55 and have used it for 2 trips to Europe. I love it and will use it for our trip next year. The 55 does not technically qualify as a carryon, but I have carried it on successfully. I just don't count on it. I wouldn't want to carry anything larger, and honestly it's not necessary if you are packing light. We are traveling for 6 weeks on our next trip and I'm confident the 55 will be great!