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Ice bag/ice pack for knee injury

I'm almost fully recovered from a MCL ligament sprain in my knee, but when I have a full day of walking, I need to ice my knee. We head to Europe in October. I'm sure I'll need to ice every evening. I have an old-fashioned ice bag I used on a cruise recently, but there was always ice available. Anyone have an idea of how I can ice my knee in Portugal? Two of our stays are in apartments, so I could buy a blue ice pack to put into the freezer, or make my own ice. Two of our stays are in hotel/guest houses. No refrigerator. That's where I'm not sure what to do. Thanks for your ideas! :)

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Go to the nearest bar/restaurant with a ziploc bag in hand. Tell them you (or your traveling companion, even if you don’t have one) have a migraine headache. They will likely put some ice in your bag for free. Or offer to buy a bit.

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1) Ask at your hotel/guest house. Tell them that you have a knee injury and need ice. They probably have some. Have the ice bag with you.

2) If they can't provide it ask them where you can get some.

I remember staying at a small B & B a few years ago that had a small, table top ice machine "for the American guests."

You're probably not the first guest to ask for ice.

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Closest fast food place like McDonalds or Burger King possibly. Buy something and ask for ice. They usually will accommodate. Some grocery stores may even have ice. Europeans have sprains and aches and pains also.

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Ask the hotel to put it in their freezer, we have done that loads of times x

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Walk into any grocery store and go to the freezer department. Buy a bag of frozen peas. Use as an ice pack . This would be a last ditch option for me but I have done this and it works.

That said, I think most hotels have a freezer somewhere it may not be guest accessible, but they probably do. I can probably freeze your ice packs for you.

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Posted by jim.mccann44 As a former EMS professional, we always used
disposable ice packs for first aid. They contain NO ice but use a
chemical reaction to create cold.

They also make these types of instant cold packs that are re-usable. You just pop it in the freezer after the initial use.

But I see you are concerned with the availability of a freezer/refrigerator. Maybe take your own ice bag for when you can get/make ice and a few of the disposable instant packs for when you can't.

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I’m currently in Stresa, Italy. It’s rather surprising the number of people walking around with a knee brace of one sort or another! My friend just left to return to the US. She has a torn meniscus, a torn MCL and an obliterated ACL. Don’t ask me how she walks let alone ride a bike. Anyways, she forgot the ice pack for her knee brace. So she just asks the hotel for ice. It hasn’t been a problem and she has a good excuse to lay by the pool and enjoy the scenery at the end of the day.