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Used suitcases and backpacks

As we're all stuck inside for the time being, we may be cleaning out closets. A suggestion for used suitcases and backpacks: the city or county organization (e.g. Guardian ad Litem) that deals with foster children, or local women's shelters, could really use your donations. Foster kids often move their few items in plastic garbage or grocery store bags. How nice if they could use your unwanted suitcases instead!

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Thanks for your excellent suggestion. I was just about to donate some...

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Thank you for the reminder, as closet cleaning is about to come up on the rotation

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And add a stuffed animal for the kids, too, when possible. : )

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Our neighbor is doing the same and told us the folks to whom she usually donates such items has stopped accepting such donations for the time being. You might call beforehand. Be well, everyone.

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Because the local thrift stores are closed now, people have been leaving donations on the sidewalks outside the stores -- and the city is being forced to clean the sidewalks and junk the donations. Hold those suitcases until the organizations can process them.

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Oh My Gosh!! Thank you for this suggestion! I am a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children and so many children are in foster care, moving from home to home, and have NOTHING to call their own, not even a suitcase or backpack. Imagine having to thrown your worldly possessions into a garbage bag to move, yet again.

Please look up your local volunteer organizations and shelters and donate your bags where they will do some good....not a resale store that just wants to make money off of your donations!!