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Carry-on for AirFrance/KLM

It's difficult to find Carry-on luggage in the US that meets the European standards for size. The main problem is the height. The American standard says "22 inch", and European standard is 55 cm or 21.6". I also am really careful about weight, because that is often more restrictive than the volumn.

I just got back from Europe. If you look at luggage there, in the airports and, perhaps in town, the sizes conform more to the European standards. Though, how to you buy one there. I guess that you could purchase one and then check the one you came with for the trip home. OR... maybe you could take your stuff in a cheap throwaway duffle, and then transfer to the new one once in Europe. Hmmm. Has anyone tried anything like that?

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Hi I have flown AF and KLM several times. I have an older Travelpro Maxlite International rollaboard. It works great on AF/KLM. The current version is H: 21.75 in. W: 15.75 in. D: 7.75 in. It weighs 5.4# This current version will work, no problem.

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We flew Air France last year. They have a generous allowance and allow a US sized carry-on with a reasonable weight restriction. This year we flew Luftansa which allows 18lbs. We carried on our RS Convertible Carry-Ons which weighed 17.8lbs full and checked our empty suitcases which are fine by US standards. My husband and I have the same suitcase but his is a bit newer and lighter. When we got to Sicily we thought we would have to move into our suitcases and we would stow the backpacks on the bus but we realized the entire pack fit in the suitcase which turned out to be quite handy since we just used the suitcases when we were on the move. We always check on the way home since we usually have acquired some souvenir liquids are carrying fragile purchases - when in Italy that would be ceramics.

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We’ve used RS Ravenna Rolling Bag 21x14x9 without any problems for years now and the bags have held up very well.

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Yes, there are ways to do it.

My current bag is not sold in the US. I saw it while in the UK. But I didn't buy it then.

I later found it on the Selfridges' website. (Selfridges is a large department store in London.) I bought it on their website and for $30, they shipped it to me. It took about 4 days.

Other online stores might do the same. Also look on Amazon and they too can sometimes ship to the US. Or perhaps one of their European sites to see what it would cost to ship to the US.

Of course, if there is a problem, returning the bag can be costly.

The other thing you can do is use a shipping service to send your bag home. I once used Send My Bag to ship a new bag to the US and it only took a few days.