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Teaching people how to overpack? I'd hardly call that a public service. It doesn't matter how you fold it; it's still far more than you need.

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Crazy amount of clothes to pack and unpack at each destination! Wow, next there will be a video of how to wear 20 layers of clothes and skip the suitcase completely - ha!

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I was also trying to figure out what's with so many clothes -- maybe he does a lot of activity that requires a twice-a-day change of shirts?

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Maybe he is bringing t-shirts as gifts to his family? Perhaps he is a designer and wants to show off his t-shirt designs? Maybe he will be camping where there isn't a lot of water to do laundry? Like in California.

Personally, I think is a weird way to pack as you can't access everything. I could have gotten the same amount of clothes packed by rolling everything, and then been able to access each item easily.

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And if it weren't sped-up? I got tired watching it.

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I do agree with the previous posters that for a normal trip it's too many clothes, but I was amazed that he got all of that in a fairly small backpack (heavy, but small). Maybe he was packing for a trip to the outback so no opportunity to wash clothes? Just a comment.

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That may be an efficient packing method but I definitely agree - too many clothes and too much of a darn nuisance to have to re-pack them every time something is needed from the centre of the bundle. I wonder where he keeps the dirty laundry that accumulates during the trip?

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An interesting video. Thanks for posting it. I will probably stick to my packing cubes for much of my current travel, but if I had to carry a very small suitcase and was staying at least 3-4 nights in each place, this method would be worth looking into.
Thanks again for sharing the video. It's always good to have options.

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Great circus music. Perfect for a juggling act.

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I have seen lots of videos of this type of packing.

One of its main benefits is to reduce the amount of wrinkling. Proponents claim to be able to pack a suit jacket with minimal wrinkling using this method.

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Keep in mind many people go to Europe to school to stay for months, or for a season to visit, etc., thus they unpack and stay in one place. They need to pack a lot, efficiently. There are many reasons to pack, not just for vacation. This system appears to be very efficient. He's packing a small suitcase. Sometimes minimal changes of clothes are not what is preferable.

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I'm totally going to do this! Just did a practice pack and it fits so small. We are in most places 5-7 days so should be good for unpacking and less wrinkling! :)