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Has anyone had any experience with Travelpro’s 21 inch expandable international spinner?
Thank you so much. Meant to add that I’m talking about the Maxlite 5 version of the bag.

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Not have the spinner style, but wife has the 21" Maxlite and I have a 21" Platinum Magna.

Very happy with out choices. They are 4-5 yrs old.

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I have the 22” maxlite expandable rollaboard. I’ve had it for 8 or 9 years and it has held up quite well. One of the nice things about travelpro is they sell replacement wheels. I haven’t needed them, but my last bag (not travelpro) had to go in the trash when the wheel shredded.

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We have two of their 22" regular wheel carry ons and two 21" "Ultra Light" with the spinner wheels.
You can actually feel the difference in handling the Ultra Light. And the spinner wheels are so handy at rolling the bags sideways down the airplane aisles prior to putting them in the overhead rack.

They're available reasonably priced at Sometimes TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning will handle them.

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I have the Maxlite 5, 19" international spinner. It's light at 5# 4 oz, but the measurements are almost 21" high with the wheels, not 19". I like it and use it a lot.

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Yes--I love this bag! It's particularly easy to handle getting on/off trains, as well as lifting it into the overhead compartment on a plane. I've also checked it on the way home from Europe, and it still looks like new after three trips. So far no problems with the spinner wheels. If I'm walking it on cobblestones and it's slowing me down I just angle the bag and pull it on two wheels (so I'm glad to hear replacements are available!). It should be easy to find for a good price at Macy's, TJMaxx/Marshalls, or even on closeout at the AAA Travel Store.

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I have the Crew 11 version of this bag, which is a little more expensive than the Maxlite series, and I really like it, with one caveat.
I've owned quite a few Travelpro bags over the years, and they've consistently been durable and reliable. One problem, though, is that their international-sized bags (at least the spinners) seem really small in terms of interior space. Yes, I realize that spinners sacrifice space because of the wheel assembly, but for some reason Travelpro bags have less interior room than comparable brands. The expandability feature helps somewhat, but then you run the risk of it being too deep for a strictly monitored sizer bin.

I also had a TPro Bold 21 inch spinner that had a bit more usable space than the Crew 11. This may be a quirk limited to Crew 11 models, but it's worth checking out interior dimensions if available. Overall, I love Travelpro, but for the money, buying a Maxlite might be a better deal than one of the higher end models.