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RFID Travel Vests.

I am looking for feedback on the RFID Travel Vests. Is anybody used one or familiar with them. I would love to hear a first hand experience, and pros and cons. This would take the place of a backpack.

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It is my belief that the whole business of RFID protection is mostly marketing hype to sell RFID protection device under the idea of it might help. The demonstrations I have seen of stealing credit card info, etc., requires an antenna, standing next to you and you not moving, a fairly sophisticated computer hook-up and software that the average thief could not afford. I would be much more concerned with a pickpocket doing it the old fashion way by just taking it. I would not pay extra for any RFID protection. Then, again, maybe wearing an AL hat would work.

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I agree with Frank about the RFID "issue." But I travel with a non-RFID vest because I like all the pockets and the extra insulation it provides. Going through airport security, I can transfer all my pocket contents to the vest, take it off and send it through. While sightseeing, it holds maps, a small guidebook, a small water bottle, a light cap, and other stuff. Some of its pockets are inside for security. Whether it would take the place of a backpack depends on what you want to carry, but it would be more secure and give easier access to its contents. So consider a vest but skip the RFID hype.

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I would NOT recommend the scott e vest on the Featherweight incarnation, it might be cool but the pockets would cause tears to the very lightweight lining the first time you used them

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annetteabercrombie, welcome to this board with your very first post. I'm interested to know who suggested that we might be helpful. Is it a regular traveler? This question comes up her periodically, so you can use the Search box to read more about it.

The general opinion of this newsboard is that it's a costly solution looking for a problem. In any case, most American credit cards have very strong fraud protection promises from the provider. I've never heard of someone having their data stolen, although I have had two "foils" run back in the physical slip days of credit cards - when the card was out of my sight.

Are you aware that your passport has to be open to have the chip read? And that would (I hope) never be in a bag, but "on you."

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Thank you all for your speedy replies! I was really most interested in the Travel Vest its self, with multiple pockets. I just noticed that a few of them have RFID. I was wondering about comfort and practicality, even a possible recommendation.

In answer to the last question, I have been a fan of RS travel guides and website for years. This was just my first time jumping into the conversation! Thanks again for the info.

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annetteabercrombie, welcome.

I have two of the Scottevests (non-RFID) - one is a featherweight and one is heavier. I like them for wearing in transit. For example, when going to the airport, I put all the things from my slacks and shirt (phone, ID, wallet, keys, pens, etc.) into the vest, put that in the tray and go through the scanner without fuss. I don't wear it much while actually touring unless I need the extra warmth, but have no issues, and no issues with pockets tearing.

I will say that S-vest products seem to be cut for younger, trimmer folks, so size accordingly.

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RFiD is a waste. Don’t pay extra for it.

No. The scammers are not standing on the street scanning Why would they? For the price of a scanner they go on the dark web and buy a LOT of guaranteed credit cards.

As this article points out it’s not a risk. But it’s made a lot of “ fear mongering companies” a lot of money. (Where’s the real scam here?)

“ The supposed threat is that information an individual skims can then be used to steal the victim’s identity or conduct fraudulent transactions using their details. But Velasquez says there is just no data to suggest that the theoretical risk is a real-world problem@“”

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Just in terms of vest. I inherited an old travel smith vest from s friend, it's pretty nice