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How to count...

May be a silly question, but when using Rick's packing list, is it in addition to what you are wearing, or should one "pack while naked" then take clothes from what's packed to dress for the flight?


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Looking at his list, I'd say the 2 pr pants + 2 capris includes the bottoms you'd wear on the plane. Same with the recommendation for 4-6 shirts. Yes, so your "in transit" outfit comes from this group of clothes/shoes.

Use his list as a baseline for what is comfortable for you. I don't wear dresses or skirts so those are out. I don't pack that many underwear. I do take 2 cardigans so I can make more outfits. I take 3 pr long pants (2 jeans, 1 travel pants) plus 1 pr capris if it is going to be warm where/when I am traveling.

I had fun with a capsule wardrobe last spring, packed the same things for a Fall trip and will pack the same things for a trip starting next week - adding capris since it might be warm! I love this color combo!

Siiigh...I know this is way more than you asked or possibly were interested in! I'm trying to hold off packing my clothes until Sunday, so am trying to distract myself, hahaha!

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Yes, packing lists include what you will wear on the flight. The reason? So you have those clothes clean and set aside for the trip, and to have them included in considering what combinations of outfits you will wear during the trip.

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Never really thought about it. Packing while naked might upset some of my neighbors though. :-)

I use the RS list as only a guideline. I substitute as I see fit. If it is going to be warmer weather, I might take a couple of quick dry t-shirts extra. Cooler weather and I might take a flannel shirt or 2 and leave the t's at home. And so on. I do usually end up close to the counts in the list including what I will be wearing.

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Your capsule wardrobe always includes the clothes you wear on the plane. That’s because you’ll be wearing them again combined with other clothes.

I usually select my capsule and pull the travel clothes from that. Usually it’s a pair of pants, a tee, and a third piece, a cardigan or jacket.

I almost always take less than what is on Ricks list.

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Packing naked isn't a bad idea - easier to try things on to make sure they fit and are comfortable. ☺☺

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Yes, what you wear on the plane counts. I don’t use Ricks list but I always factor in my plane outfit. Those clothes are part of the trip wardrobe - they will be worn with the packed clothes later and so need to work well and match. The shoes I wear in the plane are ones I will wear on the trip a lot. I pack one pair, and wear one for 2 pairs total.

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You do realize that since Rick is from Washington there is a state law that if you should deviate from his packing list you can get fined?

Just kidding. His packing list just like any other packing list is a guide. It does not have to be followed exactly. Modify it any way you want to fit your needs.