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couchette booking?
barry 3
7 days in Germnay. Need advice
barryboa 4
Munich Breakfast Spots List
Bart 0
Frankfurt airport question
barton1959 2
American in Wuppertal
basketballjoe... 2
Munich, Salzburg and Bavaria with Young Children
Bavarian... 4
Bavaria with kids itinerary
baytraveler 0
What to see/do on a Sunday or holiday in Bavaria
bbarsook 8
Can you go to Neuschwanstein Castle
bbgate3 6
Munich Itinerary
bbrafford 7
Munich to Prague train; Prague to Passau
bbschmid1 9
Germany December Itinerary Review
BC 8
Christmas to New Years in Germany
bchaber 3
Nuremberg - one afternoon and one morning in December
bchaber 2
First trip to Germany - transportation questions
bcreads 8
German Rail Pass
bcrowe50 4
German borders
bcsomma 9
Munich Christmas Markets and traveling to Budapest
bcstivers 4
Winter Travel - Black Forest, Bohemian Forest or Bavarian Forest
bdevito4 10
Power inverter
bdjoker2000 7
Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle tours
bdorris 5
Train from Munich to Salzburg
bdownerhoward 27
Munich Restaurant and Beer Tours
bdownerhoward 4
Berlin in a day... Tour by ww2 Vet or former spy?
bdsklar 3
11 days in southern Germany/Austria
beachausz 16
Changing Trains at Trier Station
beaglemom46 3
May Day in Bavaria
Beatrix 2
What do you think when you hear "Oktoberfest"?
Beatrix 34
DB Sparpreis
Beatrix 9
DB Navigator Ticket/App
beauxman1 20
Options for shipping souvenirs
beauxman1 9
Small Bavarian town Hotels/AirBNB's for Oktoberfest (recommendations)
beauxman1 7
Train from Frankfurt airport to Bacharach and back?
Becca 7
Bavaria regional train
beccabruce 6
Rhine KD Boats - Lots of outdoor seating?
Becky 3
Regensburg, Rothenburg, or ???
Becky 10
Has anyone gone to the antique Mercedez parts store, Neimuller, near Mannheim?
Becky 2
Looking for suggestions for a car trip in western Germany
Becky 9
Baden Baden Caracalla spa question
Becky 1
German trains- can you get off for a night at a stop along the way to your final...
Becky 8
Consider Dusseldorf
Becky 2
Ramstein to Rhine
Becky 8
Berlin Home Base
Becky 11
Germany 9 day trip 3
Porsche and Mercedes Museums 4
Itinerary Help for 1st Germany trip 8
Garmisch/Neuschwanstein Castle area hotel help 5
Hotels with air conditioner 16
Hotel base in Munich or change hotels 4
Sixt vs Auto Europe? 9