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Is it too early to start planning a trip to Oberramergau 2020? I am looking for specific sites that I can go to for a waiting list to purchase tickets. I am open to short tours (1-2 day) but somewhat opposed to a entire trip tour from the US departing from Phoenix. At that time we will have a family of two adults and two kids ages 14 and 16.

Any suggestions on anything we can do at this point to plan or when we should start?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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I'm sorry I can't help much with your specific question although I have enjoyed visits to Oberammergau in off years, as well as the truly beautiful baroque abbey just down the road (came across the viewing guide just a couple of hours ago, coincidentally).

Just by the way, you will probably get better results if you turn off the all caps key. It looks like shouting on the internet and many people will simply not open or reply to posts all in caps, or with the titles all in caps.

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I've never had much interest in the Play, so I haven't paid much attention to it, but I have spent time in Oberammergau in 2007 and last fall. I think I recall properties in Oberammergau offering packages including accommodations and tickets, but it is probably early to see those offers. I've written to a Gästehaus owner I know to see if she can help you.

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Oberramergau is a beautiful little town in a beautiful area of Germany. I attended the Passion Play in 2010 there. Everyone has different priorities, likes and dislikes. That said, I encourage you to research the specifics of the play itself if you have not already done so. I had expected it to be the highlight of a 15 day trip, but that was not the case. It is very long and entirely in German. My small group of friends all had a difficult time following the action on stage, while reading the program translation, especially after dark. The costumes are all very similar, so it is difficult to remember which actor is which disciple or which specific Roman character.

I would not suggest a large group tour with kids. You'll have much more flexibility making your own plans and not having such structured times and deadlines with a family.

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"That said, I encourage you to research the specifics of the play itself if you have not already done so."

I read the book.

My friend in Oberammergau wrote back that the tickets will not go on sale until 2018, and they don't even know the details yet. She said to check back then. I suspect that information about ticket sales, to individuals or as packages, will be on the town website, The website has an English side.

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Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions. The info. about when the tickets will be available is what I needed to know for right now and I appreciate that information so much.

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I went in 2000. It was fascinating and I was a real beginner speaker then, so much was confusing, but you get the basic plot. :-)
Remember, it is outdoors, rain or shine. It snowed off and on my second day, which was one of their last showings, early October, so pack accordingly. Also during the day meal times the town is swamped, so many restaurants cater to the tour groups. Plan accordingly for that also, there could be some long waits if you hit the wrong time. Make a reservation at the magician's restaurant ahead, well worth it, fun for the whole family.

As for tickets, they can sell out fast on some dates, with large tour groups, etc. I only had a few days notice my hubby and I were going there for business, so tickets were obviously sold out then, but I stood in the 'return ticket' line early in the morning the first day of the show and got a seat. My seat wasn't that fabulous, slightly behind a post, but the guy behind me in line needed two tickets and just as I left the booth, an attendant came in with more tickets, he got front, center, a couple rows back!

Indeed, the website will have more information as it is made public. Hotel is really the problem, too, but they are well versed in managing the crowds. See what you can get early on and don't hesitate to contact the town if you have any questions.