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Suggestions/Info for Trip to Europe
aurelius 7
Credit Cards and ATMs
ausball9797 17
How much time in Munich
ausball9797 9
First timers in Germany, Neuschwanstein advice.
Aussiedoglover 12
Lermoos, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or Mittenwald?
austenfann 9
Need Transportation Advice
austenfann 14
Germany, the Swiss Alps, or Austria in winter
autumnatlucky7 6
Frankfurt to Vienna
ava.simms 7
Best way to get from Frankfurt to Lake Constance
ava.simms 1
Lindau, Germany to Salzburg
ava.simms 7
Two days in Black Forest - Germany
avinash.c.agr... 8
What to do with a 4-hour layover in FRA airport?
avirosemail 6
Would new tolls on the autobahn have an effect on your travel plans?
avirosemail 14
Mennonite anniversary reminds us of Münster rebellion
avirosemail 9
210th Anniversary of the wedding that inspired Oktoberfest
avirosemail 6
Happy 450th birthday to Johannes Kepler
avirosemail 2
570th Anniversary of Gutenberg Bible -- Mainz printing Museum
avirosemail 8
Happy 498th Wedding Anniversary to Martin and Katie Luther
avirosemail 1
Anniversary of Erfurt Latrine Disaster
avirosemail 3
Where to go in Germany for 3 days between Bern and Amsterdam
avtarsingh88 8
1/2 day South or North River Cruise Tour Middle Rhein?
awilliamson 4
Munich to Milan
axmst10 9
Munich Hotel in June/July
axmst10 4
Munich to Italy by train
axmst10 9
River cruises Rhine and Moselle?
az303 6
Black forest for a day
azizb 12
New travel restrictions, UK to Germany (from 20.12.21)
Azra 1
The 49-Euro-Ticket is coming
Azra 1
Customs between countries ...
azsunset55 6
General question about trains in Germany
AZ.traveler 7
Three week trip to Germany, Austria, and Czech Republic
babennetts 3
Munich to Mannheim, Mannheim to Paris
babysiew 11
1-Month Itinerary: Opinions and Comments Welcome!
BachGuy 10
Taking Lufthansa from KRK-MUC
Badgers 4
Getting from Munich to Venice
Badgers 15
Apartment Location In Munich
baker 1
Germany, Romantic Road
baker 10
Best sights to see in Germany and nearby in March 2017
baker28 12
Day trip from Kaub/Middle Rhine River
baker28 9
Anyone else have a bad time at Burg Eltz?
balaamsdonkey 36
tour Neuwschwanstein and towns along Romantic Rd--advice soon!
ballade20 5
Munich private tours to Neuscwanstein and Romantic Rd
ballade20 2
Weekend in Bavarian Alps: where to go?
balso 20
Munich to River Cruise
BAM73 1
Is RailEurope a good website for getting train tickets?
bankheadcalhoun 8
7 days in Germany - suggestions that allow a stop in Dresden and Werdau
barb 6
Salzburg to Amsterdam - intermediate stop
Barb 5
What Is the best way to buy train tickets before leaving the US?
Barb 10
Any refugee problems
Barb 5