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Jagerschnitzel near Munich Airport

I have a really long layover in Munich. I decided that it won't be all bad if I can get some Jagerschnitzel and Spatzle. Does anyone know of a good restaurant in Munich Airport or the town of Freising? Thanks.

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I've never looked, but I would have expected Spätzle further west than Munich - more BW than Bayern, it is more Swabian in my experience.

I hope you find what you're looking for ...

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This dish at the airport looks close, at least:
Airbräu special plate 21,7
Three grilled medallions of pork | mushroom
sauce | crispy bacon | grilled tomato | herb butter |
cheese spaetzle

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I think you will find a Jägerschnitzel (with mushrooms and sauce) in Bavaria is usually not breaded (Schnitzel natur) and will come with some type of potato. Sometimes with red/green peppers too. I associate the breaded Schnitzel with mushrooms to Hessen and Spätzle to Schwaben (western Bavaria). If you ask you can probably get what you want. I like and have to ask for a breaded Schnitzel with Pfifferling mushrooms and sauce when I see they are on the menu, but not together. You usually have to pay a few more euros for it. Unique but sometimes on the menu is a breaded Schnitzel with a black pepper sauce. A little like a KFC Schnitzel. You don't see it too often. A local place here has it with Spätzle too.

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I would have expected Spätzle further west than Munich

I agree that Spätzle originated in Schwaben and is more common there, but I think it is far more ubiquitous today. The first time I had Spätzle in Germany was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
And I've had Käse Spätzle in Zell (Mosel), which is far west of Schwaben.

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Thanks for all of your helpful suggestions. I lived in the Rheinland-Pfalz area of Germany for 4 years a very long time ago. Jagerschnitzel and Spatzle was my favorite dish then. I know I've had it in Munich, too. I even make the spatzle at home. You can get the spatzle makers on Amazon for about $10.

I have a very long layover in Munich on the way back from Italy - and wanted to make the best of it. That's what I thought of. The timing of the layover is mostly overnight, so not much will be open and it will be dark most of the time. I was thinking that if I spent the night in Freising, I could perhaps have dinner, and then get up early for a walk around the old town before heading back to the airport. The Hotel Gastof Maisberger would be quicker and cheaper to reach, but I think I'd have to give up the idea of a walk around Freising in the morning. I'm looking into that, though. I could even spend the night right at an airport hotel and have dinner at the airport restaurant - but that would not do much for my Germany nostalgia. At least I now know of options, though.

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The area around Hotel Gastof Maisberger is very walkable. We enjoyed walking through the town. Our stay at the hotel was great and we would gladly go back.