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Munich Airport

Tomorrow we fly back to the US from Munich at 7am. Our first flight goes to London (Heathrow) then to the states. We have only our carry on bags and are flying business class, so we can use the fast track. All of this being the case, does anyone know how early we need to be to the airport? I usually plan two hours for international flights, but it varies so widely for each airport.

Thank you!

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Rule of thumb at German airports: 60 minutes prior to boarding time (which usually means 90 minues prior to departure time) is more then plenty. Since you're flying via LHR I'm assuming it's a BA flight from Munich's terminal 1 - 60 minutes prior to boarding time will most likely leave you with 30 minutes to kill at the lounge anyway...

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Andreas: yes, we are flying BA. Thank you for the information! I am always happpy to arrive early, but it sucks when you get therthe two hours early only to sit....when you could have been sleeping. ;-)

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I flew from Munich to London on BA at about 7 am last summer, and I agree with the reply above - getting to the airport 90 minutes ahead of departure should be fine. I caught the S-bahn at the Hauptbahnhof about 2 1/2 hours before my flight (it's a 45-minute trip) and made it to the gate more than an hour before departure.