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Romantic Road Suggestions- Frankfurt -> Munich

Hi Folks,

I have a few audits in Germany coming up the in Fall, and have some time in between to explore the area.

My current itinerary:
AMS (work trip) Sept 17-20
Cologne Sept 20-22 (weekend, work is covering $)
Frankfurt Sept 22-25 (also work covered, some touristing)
Sept 25-Sept 29 - Wurzburg, Romantic Road, etc (not booked yet)
Sept 29-Oct 1- Munich for Oktoberfest (booked, flying out Oct 1)

I will be back in Munich Oct 20-23 after I complete other portions of my travel (and other work obligations).

My main questions are - what are the best things to do/see in Cologne, Frankfurt, and between Frankfurt and Munich? Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do in Wurzburg, and down south towards Munich? I was born in Wurzburg, so I definitely want to see that city and area, but otherwise am completely open. I will have a rail pass through work, but thought renting a car might be good to see some of the smaller towns for the days I'm touristing.

I plan on avoiding Munich during Oktoberfest except for the time I will be attending Oktoberfest due to cost. I will see more of it when I am back for the work portion of that visit (Oct 20).

Also open to suggestions on where to eat, museums to visit, etc! It will be my first time in Germany since I was born.

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The number 1 item is the Cathedral
Between Frankfurt and Munich
Lots of choices-- Heidleberg, Stuttgart if you love cars and want to visit the Porsche and/or Mercedes Factory.
Mainz is a choice before you head east. Wurzburg and the Romantic Road are great. After Wurzburg , Rothenburg on the Tauber,

Dinkelsbuhl is similar to Rothenburg, but without all the tourists. Augsburg is worth half a day, see the Rathhaus and Fuggeri.
You may not have time to go all the way to Fussen and Garmisch, but from Augsburg could head to Munich.

Augsburg and Stuttgart are in an area called Swabia and the food there has some different choices that you don't find elsewhere in Germany. There is a dish called maltasch that is a bit like ravioli. It is excellent. While in Munich try eating at the Hofbrauhaus.

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Between Cologne and Frankfurt, how about doing a Rhine River cruise? Maybe stopping and staying in one or more of the small towns on the River. Possible wine festivals in the area as well. I think you can get by without a car easily.

As far as Munich and Oktoberfest, note that the actual festival is at the fairgrounds, so the rest of the city isn't necessarily overwhelming, as long as you have a hotel booked. Normal life doesnt get put on hold for that event.