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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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question about Ricks ETBD book and budget
SandraL 2
The money exchange question (yet again)
SandraL 17
Travel insurance--how much is too much?
SandraL 24
Moved from CHI to Dubai, now cannot use nonrefundable flight from CHI, any ideas?
Sarah 5
Italian Opera on the Cheap?
Sarah 4
Capital One issues chip & signature cards
Sarah 30
Travel Insurance
Sarah C 15
Cheap flights within Europe
sasigler 11
Exchange currency before trip or when we arrive?
Seattle1984 12
Exchange for Norwegian Krone, Swedish krona and British Pounds before trip?
Seattle1984 3
Need IHG points for cheap? The 'Priceless Surprises' Alternate Method of Entry way
selkie 0
Another points for surveys site
selkie 1
For any Accor hotels fans
selkie 6
Should I still follow RS advice despite the latest with Brexit?
sharonghilia 13
BritRail Pass Flexipass vs. Continuous pass
shawnb307 7
Washing your clothes: Try this Laundry website
Shelley 3
America Does Dynamic Conversion Too!
Shelley 8
So I was looking at PRICELINE "Flights + Hotels" just for laughs, but
Shelley 5
Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum (Art History Museum) potential problem when purchasing...
Shelley 7
Talking about my VISA Bill with European charges
Shelley 11
Canadian "no fee"Tangerine Bank experiences?
Sherry 4
Is anyone familiar with Train Split?
Simone 4
Using VRBO
simontemplar 3
Saving money while flying
skumar 9
Currency Conversion Fees
skumar 5
Travel Credit Cards in UK
skumar 2
Money Transfer Experiences
slbdaisy 10
Money exchange at Gatwick
Change: All ways charge in local currency (Avoid DCC.) Credit Card Conversion Fees in...
sl.wolf 20
Do all credit cards and atm debit cards use the same interbank rate?
Southern girl 15
credit cards with no foreign transaction fees
stacey 27
Churn, churn, churn
staynsavor 11
"Free" walking tours
staynsavor 13
Free GPS
Stephen 7
Budget Air fare promotions no more ?
stmalaysia 1
How do you use Your US Credit Union for money transactions when visiting the EU?
sue p. 13
Shipping a forgotten item from Italy
Suzann 8
FYI: some airlines no longer participating in popular online ticket websites
SuzieeQQ 4
Bank of America Travel Credit Card
Swan 13
crossbody anti-theft bag/purse or money belt?
swetrich 24
tammy.vaught 22
Rental Auto Insurance
teallen1126 12
Cheapest Route in Europe
ted.k9183 17
Still confused by chip & pin vs. chip & signature!
Terry 16
England Castle passes???
tfattal26 4
Buyer Beware! Chase Sapphire - 18% DAILY interest rate upon withdrawing euros
themusteach 25
tkg43307 3
"Save money by NOT using third parties (like Expedia?)"
Tom 22
British Rail Pass savings
tootiekester 19
Conflicting advice about cheapest way to get local currency (Europe)
tph2010 30