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And better than the US version, which while giving 3% on Amazon purchases and 2% on restaurants, charges the 3% foreign transaction fee, and only credits your cashback bonus to Amazon purchases when using your card there.

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I've had this card for a number of years - got it especially for a trip to Europe but I also use it now for any U.S. purchases or travel. Definitely as advertised, no FTF, no annual fee, easy to pay online, and for every $2000 spent, they give you a $20 statement credit automatically. It doesn't earn any airline points but it's cheap and useful. Still has a steep interest rate like all others, but I always pay it in full.

I deliberately kept the credit limit low to reduce the impact of any fraud while overseas, but I got caught short and had to phone them from Europe to get the credit limit increased. They did it right away and I was able to keep using the card. So I give this one a thumbs up, as far as credit cards go.