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Obtaining euros at ATMS or banks?

I will be traveling to Amsterdam in late March and have a need to obtain over 700 euros on arrival to pay for my lodging and expenses. I am checking with my bank to find out how much they will allow at one time/one day, but am concerned that ATMs can provide that much.

Will I have to find a bank?

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You will need to call your bank and tell them what countries you're visiting, and ask them to place a "X" Euro limit on your max. daily withdrawals.
You could also email your accommodations and ask them if you could pay 1/2 one day and 1/2 the next day.
I was looking at my Wells Fargo ATM regulations, and they charge $5 and 3% on every withdrawal. I suggest you check to see your bank's terms. I plan to setup a credit union ATM card because they don't charge any up rate or withdrawal charge.
I always wait until getting in the airport to get my first Euros--from a bank ATM. And it's no problem to find a bank machine at the front door of neighborhood banks in Amsterdam.

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I don't think there will be an issue with the ATM. If there is a problem it will be with your bank. Four years ago I took out 750E from one ATM in Haarlem outside of Amsterdam. If there is a single withdraw limit set by the ATM, then hit another ATM or that ATM again. Finding a bank does not solve your problem if there is a limited placed by your bank.

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When you notify your bank of your upcoming foreign travel, ask for a higher temporary daily withdrawal limit. If you can get a $600 USD daily limit you should be able to withdraw at least 400 € per day. The local ATM may be a constraint, but your daily limit should allow for 400+ € per day.

I had a similar cash flow issue several years ago and was able to pull 500€ per day/per cash machine using BNP Paribas ATMs in Paris. (I has a temporary $700usd limit.) On the other hand an ATM at the Venice Marco Polo airport seemed to have a 200 € limit.

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You can also get them ahead of time, although that is not always the cheapest way to do so. Wells Fargo has an online currency exchange, and if you are a AAA member, they will also exchange for you.


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Your bank can order euro for you, takes a couple of days, you pay Fedex charge and whatever (if anything) your bank charges for this service. You don't need to go through an exchange bureau.

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Federal banks will order currency for you.

In general, your daily ATM limit won't be enough to get 700 euros. Some banks will let you adjust your limit (most won't). If you don't buy currency ahead of time, another option is to have multiple bank accounts with multiple debit cards so you can get the 700 you need.