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When is the best time to book a flight from the US to the UK? Round trip or one way? Suggestions on which airport to fly into?Airline recommendations?

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We have been traveling for many years and we have always found end of January the best time to book tickets for any time of the year. Now this is directly with the airlines, not a third party sight. I don't think the time of the week matters, I have checked and the prices seem the same whether it is a Saturday or week day. You will just have to do some checking on which air port, sometimes the hub of an airline will be the cheapest and sometimes smaller airport is cheaper. I believe on most airlines round trip is cheaper, but again I would do some checking. As far as airlines goes, you just have to check. British Airways may be cheaper flying into London, but that may also depend where you are departing from. I spend a considerable amount of time comparing all these things.

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The prices are more to fly from the USA to the UK rather than vice versa. Just the way it is, unfortunately for you.

Late Dec to Jan is the main regular sale, but they can appear suddenly. The summer is often good for getting relatively cheap premium tickets as business traffic takes a seasonal dip.

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Marie, you asked about this last March and got a lot of responses. Now you have posted the same question twice, without any detail which would get you more helpful responses.

Are you still going in September?

From Boise, you will have to fly to a major airport to connect with a flight to the UK. Depending on the airline you choose, it could be Seattle, SFO, Denver, Las Vegas, and maybe others. I would choose an airline that has non-stop flights to London from the US airport, and that will book you on one ticket from Boise to xxx to London. For example, British Airways flies from all of those cities and you can get to Seattle on their partner Alaska Airlines, so that should be on one ticket. United Airlines and Delta or American may offer other possible combinations. I know United serves Boise but I don't know about the others.

Book round-trip or multi-city, not one way.

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Marie, I've been looking for flights for our son who lives in McCall and comparing flights out of Boise or Lewiston. (Big difference though because he's not going to UK.) Another connecting airport that we really like is Salt Lake. Last month we flew Seattle to Milan and returned last week, Amsterdam to Seattle. Since we leave out of Lewiston, we usually fly Alaska/Horizon and Delta. I use to figure out what flights and connections work best for us but then go directly to the main airline sight, in our case

I never use one-way and usually multi-city rather than round trip so that we don't have to return to the arrival airport. I also make a point of not flying across the US but directly to Europe so that our only US stop is Salt Lake or Seattle.
Hope this helps!

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Best time to book a flight totally depends on when you are going. When is that????