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When is the best time to book a flight from the US to the UK? Round trip or one way? Suggestions on which airport to fly into?Airline recommendations?

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Define your question a little better. Is this your first trip overseas? What do you mean by best time? Round trip or one way? (planning to stay in the UK??) Where are you visiting in the UK? That would more or less determine where to fly into. Assume that even with your best efforts a cheaper fare might appear somewhere else after you have bought a ticket. Airline recommendations are pretty subjective and for each airline that is complimented there will be an alternate piece of scathing criticism on the same company.

Try searching in places like orbitz, kayak, individual airline sites and so on to refine your travel requirements.....the RS travel forums are a great place for advice but the collective masses here only advise. The decision needs to be with you based on research done by you.

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Right. Your question is much too broad to provide useful responses.

Along with the resources Jeff listed, also try Skyscanner. That one isn't a booking but a price-comparison site: I use it for finding attractive fares, and then book directly with the airline.