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Folk Music Venues
Dav 2
Ever been to Waregem?
Dav 2
Kortrijk: Back Door in Flanders
Dav 4
Kortrijk Trip Report (crosspost)
Dav 0
Nine days in Belgium, where to go?
dauga001 2
Half-day trip to Antwerp. Or Ghent?
darrenblois 7
Bruges Brewery Tour
darrenblois 5
Day trip from Bruges to Coastal tram
Darla 10
dilema: Amsterdam/Brussels
dantwinpine 10
Brussels Tram and Metro Question
dan l 5
Trips to Belgium from Amsterdam
Daniel 8
Best days of week for Bruge, Ghent, Antwerp
Daniel 2
Where can I buy a SIM card in Bruges?
Daniel 4
Lockers in Antwerp Station??
dandbriley 1
Bruges to Bayeux, France
Dana 8
Experience with FlixBus
Dana 9
Biking Bruges to North Sea
dakoda_ 5
Train help please! Bruges, Belguim to Rouen, Frande
Daisy's mom 10
Prebook Madonna and Child ticket Bruges? and weather question too
Daisy's mom 4
Need help with train tickets from Bruges Belguim to Rouen by TRAIN to pick up car
Daisy's mom 4
Day Trips from Brussels Train Tickets
dacorey 1
Eating Belgian Chocolate with a Nuts Allergy
Cynthia 14
Short visit to Brussels
cves50 6
Bus to Paris
cves50 4
St Vith, Belgium WWII sites
cvblan49 4
Train Ticketing from Bruges to Delft
currielw 2
Weekend Day Trip to Leuven
currielw 1
Belgian Rail 10-Journey Ticket
currielw 3
Train Reservation
curran.kelly6 9
Tips on taking train from Brussels Airport to Brugge
curioustraveler 10
What to do with airport baggage on Belgian train from Brussels Airport to Brugge?
curioustraveler 5
Is Michelangelo's "Madonna and Child" available for viewing?
curioustraveler 7
Using credit/debit card with chip for buying Belgian train tickets
curioustraveler 10
Hotel Recommendations: Belgium/North France
cuethewizard 3
Delft to Bruges Train or Car?
CTwanderer 4
In Bressels....waffles and fries
CTB0722 2
March visit to Belgium--time in Mechelen
cslh324 4
Bruge/Amsterdam or Lisbon
creesepv 16
Amsterdam cruise port
creesepv 3
Lodging location in Ghent
creesepv 12
Looking for suggestions for small cities and villages in Belgium
Craig 17
Camping & Backpacking in Belgium
crabtreemc 5
Two nights in Ghent, Antwerp, Lille, or Leiden?
cps2913 10
Belgium & Netherlands
courtenaycox 5
May 2019 itinerary help
courtash 6
Four train travel days in France and Belgium: Should we get a Eurail Global Mobile Pass...
Corbin 1
driving tour - Germany-Belgium-Netherlands
constableterry 1
Brussels to Ostend and Bruge
conrad.lisa 4
First trip to Belgium
Conrad 11
5 days in Belgium
conniecl 5