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Bruges or Ghent?

We will be spending day and a half in Brussels and want to travel by train to see another town...we are traveling with our kids, ages 18-24 and are all about food and just seeing the beauty of other countries. We will be at the tailend of our vacation, so museums will probably not be in the cards. Any opinions on which place to go to? Or is it possible to see both in one day? Thanks!

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We stayed about a day & a half in Ghent. We really enjoyed it.
This hotel was the nicest because of the owners. They were very helpful. Steps from Gent St Pieters.

We took a bus into town. But there is a canal with a path also. Our big hit was the castle. Super fun. Our 21 year old (at the time) loved it. We were up in the turrets & walking the walls. May have been a dungeon or torture area down below. The castle dates to the 9th century. The obligatory Cathederal & town square. We missed the Cathederal because it was Easter. Our only memorable food was waffles from a cart. I'm not a foodie

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For a day trip, do Ghent. It is close, has a wonderful central area, good beer, lots of places to eat.

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While I enjoyed Bruges and spent a few days, including a day trip to some war sites I would says Ghent. I enjoyed it and found lots of fun things to do. It had a younger buzz.

But I enjoyed both. I would stay in Ghent next time I head to Belgium.

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If museums aren’t going to be on the agenda, and with just the one day, Gent is the way to go.

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I'd also agree with those who got pickled in Ghent: them Ghent folk understand the needs of the traveling drinker and cater to them with aplomb!

Also, the buffet breakfast at Hotel Harmony in Ghent is a joy of gluttonous excess.

Between Bruges and Ghent, I chose Ghent twice.

-- Mike Beebe