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Belgium city base advice

I'll be traveling from Paris to Belgium end of May and I plan to spend at least 3 or 4 days in Belgium , then Amsterdam. I want to sleep on Brugge to appreciate the town after the crowds. I feel like if make my base in Brussels I will be part of a crowd when I visit Brugge and Antwerp, Ghent but also I don't like moving hotels too often. Im considering staying in Brugge for 3 days /2 nights. Travel to Antwerp, Genth 2nd day, then go transfer to Brussels the 3rd day.
I also read the Ghent is a good place to stay instead of Brugge.
Does this sound like a good plan? Any advice?

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Sounds like a good plan . I have slept in all 3 and in Bruges and Ghent and Antwerp the same trip. In my case there was festival at night late in Ghent that I wanted to attend.

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My last trip, I stayed in Gent, and visited Brugge, Antwerpen, and Brussel from there. Worked very well, but have also stayed previously in Brugge, and it is a different place after the day-trippers leave. Gent was central for visiting the others, though.

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I personally prefer visiting and staying in Ghent. Lively during the day and lovely at night with plenty to do. It is also more centrally located for quicker day trips to the towns you are interested in seeing. With that said, you are correct in your analysis of wanting to be in Bruges before and after those annoying day trippers are present. Bruges is quite lovely before 10AM and after 700PM compared to the middle part of the day. So, staying in Bruges and heading out on day trips would make sense to you. Or, Ghent. Have fun.

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March 2018 we spent 3 night in Bruges, 2 in each Ghent and Antwerp, and 1 in Brussels (only because it was closer to the airport).

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We are staying in Ghent for 3 nights - first day see Ghent, next two days take train to Bruges and do a late train back so we can be there after tourists leave. Then train to Antwerp for a night and then off to Amsterdam.

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Thank you all for your input. I will stay in Ghent since its better located and less turisty.