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Lines at art museums in Brussels

At the Louvre and the Prado, the lines to buy tickets are usually long. Are there lines at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels or is it easy to get in? In general, I'm wondering if the Brussels Card is really useful or if it's just as easy to pay on arrival at the museums. I'll be in Brussels the second week in April, if that makes a difference. Thanks.

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The only time I've encountered a queue at the fine art museum in Brussels was when I decided to arrive at opening time and found a queue had already built up. I don't think it's a problem at other times of day.

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When I was there in September, there were no lines and few people. I felt like I had the galleries to myself--especially downstairs in the Fin de Siecle Museum. Upstairs, I had David's masterpiece, "The Death of Marat," all to myself for five minutes. Considering the quality of the collection, it was an extraordinary experience. Give yourself plenty of time to leisurely absorb the artwork.

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Thank you all for your replies. The Old Masters Museum is the reason I'm going to Brussels. I once had Leonardo's Annunciation to myself for about half an hour at the Uffizi. Those are the moments I travel for.

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eth, I know what you mean. In the old days, I used to wait in the Sistine Chapel for the room to empty out and I was alone with Michelangelo for a minute, sometimes more. Once at the Louvre, everyone rushed to the Mona Lisa and I had the Classical galleries to myself for half an hour.

I never found lines at the museums in Belgium, at least not more than a dozen or so people who had lined up before the museum opened (I tend to do that myself).

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If you want a museum to yourself in Brussels, try the Musée Meunier. When my wife and I visited, we rang the bell at the entrance and an attendant let us in. There was only one person there, and they left shortly thereafter leaving us alone with great sculptures.