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Overnight trip from Paris to Bruges and back next day
Meredith 6
Traveling with Family from Ghent to Leiden - best way?
meredith.ethe... 4
Brussels to Brugge
merlvin.tan 7
Confused - what are the quarantine rules for a vaccinated and boosted US citizen...
mfk67135 28
Base selves in Ghent?
mfrisch70 4
Ghent for a day? Opinions
MGT1986 16
Belgium/Netherlands Itinerary Question
mhjulian21 15
Coastal trams
michelle 5
Private Guide for WW1 Sites
Mike 1
Brugge in late December
Mike 5
Seeking the exotic. Seeking adventure. Seeking . . . BELGIUM!
Mike Beebe 10
11/11/18: Where to remember the end of the Great War?
Mike Beebe 11
Welcome to Delft! Ha ha, you're now in Delft!
Mike Beebe 2
Welcome to Delft! Ha ha, you're now in Delft! (part 2)
Mike Beebe 10
We are flying back to the US from Brussels...
MikeD 3
Solo trip to Belgium, July 2019
Mike L 32
Side Trip to Belgium
MikeV 3
Hotel in Ghent
MikeV 4
Airport to hotel and back
milesesc 5
Belgium Itinerary Help Please
milesesc 10
Belgium Covid Restrictions
mjace71 1
Belgium is packed between Christmas and New Years!
mjace71 3
Tours to Flanders Field
mjbrodyjbt 2
Day Tour from Bruge to Dunkirk
mjbrodyjbt 0
personal recommended guide
mjjlamb 1
Should we book Eurostar when plane may be delayed?
mjm122696 9
Purchase eurail ticket from London to Brussels same day likely
mjm122696 4
Train from Bruges to Leiden- worth a quick stop in Antwerp to see the station?
mjm122696 7
Bruges, Antwerp, Leiden in one day. Train thinking correct?
mjm122696 3
Car instead of Train
mkkoehl 9
Netherlands town worth visiting near Brugge
mkkoehl 17
HELP! Safe, reasonable Brussels hotels in center of Brussels
mkroeger 6
Where to Stay in Bruges?
mkukiela 8
Staying in Bruges for 10 days in early October
mkukiela 13
Brussels/ Bruges and Berlin
mlbsimmons 5
First Time Belgium
mmanza7 9
Amsterdam to Ghent train travel
mmccabe33 2
Antwerp info
mmccabe33 4
Leuven - short stays
mohull 4
Conflicted about going to Brussels
molcarey 11
Private Tour from Brussels to Normandy, France
Molly 11
Building itin for Swiss but in Belgium first (x reference w/Swiss forum)
Momof3 0
mon408 9
quick poll
monty 13
Bruges first or Brussels?
monty 13
hidden Bruges
monty 18
Eurail in and out of Brussels
morgan7038 8
Extended Stay Options in Leuven, Belgium and Central Europe Camping
moser.155 2
Exchanging a large amount of dollars to eruos?
moser.155 13
Bruges to Paris Gare de Nord on 12/10/22
mosesrus 8