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Brussels Transport


I’m hoping some kind souls will help me understand the tickets and how to get around. I want to get from the Brussels Airport to the Hotel Metropole. I see there is an underground station near the hotel, “de Brouckère”. Is it possible to just get the underground, or do you have to get a train first?

Also, I understand there are 10 trip cards available. Are these good for trains, underground, and buses? I understand these tickets are good in Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. Are they good for on,y internal travel or do they cover travel between the cities?.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Is there anyone who can help?


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From the airport, there is a train to Brussels Central about every 10 minutes. Brussels Central is the closest train station to the Hotel Metropole. You can take the Metro one stop away to de Broukere at Central.

You could also get off the airport train at Gare du Midi and take the No 3 or No 4 Tram to de Broukere above ground, which is closer to the hotel than the Metro station.

From the airport, there is an adder, so 10 trip tickets would not work without paying the supplement. They would work for the tram or Metro, but you probably need to buy a separate ticket for the airport train.

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The local transportation in all of Flanders - the Flemish (Dutch) speaking part of Belgium is provided by de Lijn

Day tickets or 10-trip cards are valid on all their services throughout all of the covered area, and they do have a few buses which go into Brussels (which would be covered but there aren't many). So you can use a de Lijn pass or 10-er in Brugge/Bruges (D/F&E), Gent/Gand/Ghent (D/F/E), Oostende (D) and on the Coast Tram all the way down to Plopsaland, and in Antwerpen/Antwerp (D/E) and points in between. De Lijn tickets of any sort are only usable on their buses and trams, not on trains.

More information from their English language tickets page

If you want everything in Brussels you need the intra-company Jump card Most transportation within Brussel/Bruxelles/Brussels (D/F/E) is provided by STIB/MIVB (D/F).

I've put in the various languages because you will see a lot of that, and in Flanders everything will be in Dutch before French and English, in Wallonie/Wallonia (F/E) everything will be in French alone or French and then Dutch and/or English, and in Brussels it will be almost always in French and perhaps then and/or Dutch or English.