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New Years Eve in Ypres

Hello everyone,

I know there is a lot of uncertainty around travel at the moment but I have everything crossed that my husband and I will be able to visit Belgium this Christmas. We are planning to visit some of the WW1 & WW2 sites through out the country and planned to end in Ypres over New Year.

I know it is early for any restaurants/hotels to have events or menus prepared or be taking bookings, especially with the current situation. However, I just wondered if anyone had been to Ypres over New Year and could recommend any restaurants or hotels that are usually open and have events on?

Thanks in advance

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That's lovely thank you for your reply. We weren't looking for an event as such but a nice dinner would be lovely. We are usually happy to wonder around untill we find something but just worried we won't get a table if not booked.

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For New Year's you will have to book in advance, at least a couple of weeks. Restaurants create special holiday meals for the occasion, and expect it to be a bit more expensive than normally for the restaurant and the meal to last longer. The menu will probably be a fixed-price meal with a few choices.

This is true for those restaurants that are open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.
Otherwise, some local ethnic restaurants could be open if you are just wandering around.