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Transfer in Antwerp - how much time to see the train building architecture?

Traveling from the Netherlands to Belgium, and I figured seeing the pretty train station in Antwerp along the way to Bruges might make the trip a bit more interesting.

How long of a transfer is appropriate in order to see the Antwerp train station's architecture, and get to our train platform on time? Would a 30 minute transfer be plenty of time to look around and be on time for our next train?

Is the station cafe worth grabbing a mid-day snack? If so, would 50 minutes be far too long to spend at the station?

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Domestic trains in Belgium and the Netherlands are mass transit. Domestic trains can’t nor need to be booked and there is free seating. This means that your ticket will allow you to take any train from Antwerp to Bruges on that day. So you can decide on the day how much time you want to spend in Antwerp. Upon arrival in Antwerp you can take the next available train, or the next one, or the one after that, etc etc etc.

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Thanks, DutchTraveler, for chiming in! Extra flexibility when traveling is always appreciated!

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I found that riding the escalators up and down and gazing up and around was enjoyable.

There is plenty of food around, various counters, and the city is right outside.

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There are four levels in Antwerpen Centraal, three for trains and ground level is for the entrances, shops , food corners and so on. High speed trains, think international trains too arrive at the lowest level deep in the basement. For local trains you need to go upstairs, you will see that classic steel structure with glass roof and impressive main entrance. Under the stairs to the upper level there are lockers (maybe still coin operated) if you want to hang around longer without your luggage.