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Luxembourg to Bruges Car Rental

We are considering renting a car in Luxembourg City and exploring various WWII sites between the city and our next stop in Bruges. Is it possible to rent a car in one country and return it to another? It seems essential to have a rental car while exploring the area around Bastogne. Is there a public transit option I am overlooking? I would appreciate any advice on Luxembourg as RS does not have a book/forum that covers it. Thanks!

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Yes, it is possible to rent a car in one country and return it to another, but it usually comes with a high surcharge.
I would suggest getting quotes from some companies to see how high. You may be lucky as Luxembourg is small and adjacent to Belgium.

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It is possible, but it will cost more. The only way to find out is get a quote. You might consider dropping it in Liege and see if the drop charges are less than taking it all the way to Bruges. You can get a direct train from Liege to Bruges every hour, and with a connection in Ghent on the half hour mostly. Lastly, return it in Luxembourg and go by train from there with no drop off fees.

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I would observe that Belgium is perfect for train travel, and highways between Brussels and Bruges are very crowded with prosperous locals, as well as tourists. You do not want a car after you get near Brussels. The final city I would visit with a car might be Mechelen, if you want to stop there, or nearby Breendonk, a little-known, scary (but fully government-prepared for visitors, including English audioguides) Nazi prison. From personal experience, I can tell you that subcontracted high-rise parking garages in Belgium are expensive and have very narrow aisles and parking stalls. Medieval city centers are filled with twisty one-way streets and dead ends. There are no wooden villages up there, only postwar stucco townhouses along the same insufficiently wide and now, paved roads.

Edit: I did not mean to suggest that a car wasn't best for Bastogne and other green fields. (Check the Search box to maybe find some previous battlefield advice by past posters.) I only meant Brussels and north. I have spent at least eight weeks in Antwerp, and have driven from Antwerp to Turnhout (which is not exactly a tourism center .... ) a few times. The traffic has always been like Long Island, NY - a creeping nightmare. The bus from BRU to Antwerp always gets caught in Ring Road traffic, almost any time of day.

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Yes, get quotes from rental car companies, returning in other countries.
I disagree on the traffic & parking in Belgium. I have driven most of the country (not Brussels) and to Bruges a few times. Never had issues. Parking at the train station in Bruges is 3,50 euro for 24 hours, and includes a free transfer to the bus. Or most places are walking distance from the station. Cheap and convenient.
The free bus transfer is up to 4 people.
Edit- there is an Avis walking distance from the old town Bruges, if you drop off there

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I had a rental car when I visited Bastogne and it was very handy. Just getting there without one takes a long time via train and bus. The museum and battlefield sites are outside of the town. If you must take public transportation to Bastogne, it's possible to get a taxi to take you to the museum. Or you could hire a local guide for the day. If you want to rent a car, don't do it in Luxembourg--the fees will be too high. Take a train to Liège and rent one there for your time in Belgium.

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Thank you for all of the advice, this is incredibly helpful!

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Luxembourg is a very nice little city.
Center and ground is nice and it would take about 2 hours to visit.
Echternach and the small switerland as well as the Moselle valley both 20 miles from the city are worthwhile and you could dedicate 3 hours for each of them.
Bus Transport is very good in all Luxembourg There is a big board with all deStinations at the Luxembourg main station. Luxembourg is also very expensive.
If you intend to rent a car to travel within the Ardennes, take the train from Luxembourg to Arlon or Neufchateau and rent it from there, you will save quite a lot of money

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This may be to late but what about taking a bus into Belgium from Luxembourg then getting the car rental?

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So Kate,

what happened? How did it go?

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I have reserved a car in Luxembourg and will return it to Brussels, incurring a 50 euro one way fee. After my trip I will return with a full report on our adventure:)
edited to add: it was necessary for me to rent/return a car from the larger cities as I am not confident enough to drive a manual and the automatics are not available in smaller rental centers. Having a car for the duration of the trip also enable me to explore the greater Ypres area as well. I have compiled all of the traffic advice from the forum, but wish me luck with the traffic!