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Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (Brussels) this April - tell me more, Pls.!

Hi, I'm a senior solo traveler who will be taking the Thalys from Paris and spending 1 night (on my birthday!) in Brussels on 4/19, after 2 nights in Loire Valley (FR) on my way to Amsterdam to fly back to Calif. following a Viking cruise along the Rhine. I love gardens and flowers (the reason I added time in Amsterdam to see the Keukenhof tulips) and just discovered the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken will be open during my stopover in Brussels. The pics I've seen look amazing - have any of you been there during this time and recommend? How may days/weeks ahead do tickets typically go on sale? If I can get a ticket online (they're not yet available), should I shoot for the late afternoon of the 19th, or the morning of the 20th? Note, either way, I'll have to reschedule my current Thalys tickets with arrive at 7 pm and depart 4/20 at 10:00 am, but if I can store my carry-on bag in a locker after checking out from my hotel, it sounds like a terrific adventure to add to my trip, especially since I'll be seeing Versailles while in Paris, Giverny (2nd time) from Paris, and Keukenhof before heading home on this 21 day trip! All info/tips are welcome -- Kathleen

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Kathleen, I don’t have any answers (yet) but thanks for asking this question! I’m currently researching an upcoming trip to Belgium, and the Royal Greenhouse was not on my radar. We will be there when it’s open and this sounds like one of those serendipitous trip treats.

From the official website
“This year, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public from 14 April until 7 May (closed on Mondays). The ticket sales will start around the end of March. The exact date will be communicated soon.”

So, hmm, “end of March” - it looks as if it will be a very short window to get tickets. I will add the website to my “ticket watch” list and start checking the site every few days to see when the exact date is communicated. Whatever I find, I’ll post it to this thread.

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Thank you JenS !! I think I saw somewhere else that you may need to select a time slot as well? I agree, it is a very serendipitous find that isn't mentioned much on any blogs or articles I've seen so far. I fear I will need to change my Thalys train time in the hope that I can get tickets, and if unable, just use the time to shop or visit the park where the palace is.

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As promised, I’m back to report that tickets for the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken special event went on sale today, March 20. Tickets are €5 each, for the day I got tickets (Thursday, April 20) entry times are slotted in 30 minute increments starting most days at 9:30 am, with last entry at 2:30 pm (14:30). There are some late evening times on weekends.

Here’s a direct link to ticket sales.

@KathleenfromCalifornia, thanks again for bringing this event to my attention. Finding hidden travel gems is one of the many reason that I appreciate this community.

Edited: upon closer inspection, the entry times available each day vary.