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Bastogne from Luxembough City Take 2

I was in Luxembough City this April and got very familiar with buying the one day rail and bus pass to tour all of Luxembough. I was lucky to visit the WW2 museums in Ettelbruck and saw the Patton museum and then took the bus to Diekirch and returned that same day. Then I spent a day in Wiltz where my father was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and what a charming little city. And of course the American Cemetary in Luxembough was remarkable. Now I am returning in late September to Luxembough and want to do Bastogne as a day trip and working on how to get there without a car.

It looks like I could take the train to Ettelbruck and then a bus into Bastogne which I believe would drop us off about 2km from the war museum?

Or the Hotel Melba told me the only way they knew was to train from Luxembough to Libramont and take an infrequent bus number 80 operated by TEC but the schedule shows hourly.

No tours found from Luxembough City, only Brussels according to the TI office.

Has anyone done this recently from Luxembough?

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Kathy - I have been researching this question for an upcoming trip and I have not been able to find a guide for Bastogne from Luxembourg either.

At this point, I think we will end up hiring a taxi or car service to take us to Bastogne, either from Libramont or Luxembourg. It won't be cheap, but we really want to spend some time in Bastogne.

Sorry to post without providing the information you're looking for. I'm glad that you were able to see what you did in Luxembourg using public transportation - that's what I'm planning to do.

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Once you get to Bastogne, I'd hire a local guide in Bastogne to take you around the battlefield sights and to the museum. It's a very long walk from town to the museum and public transportation isn't that good, so you'll have to take a taxi or use a local guide if you're not driving. The museum is excellent, by the way, so be sure to devote enough time to see it.