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COVID tests in Belgium

We are heading from the U.S. to Belgium in December 21. We need to get COVID tests the day after we arrive. Does anyone know where the least expensive tests can be purchased in Brussels or Bruges? (i.e. train stations, pharmacies, airports, clinics, etc.)

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We were there last month. Bad news is that it is not cheap and easy like other countries (France or Italy for example)

Belgium uses testing centers for PCR tests, so they are few in number. To use them, you need a prescription code to make an appointment, we tried and tried, but had no luck, getting caught in an endless cycle of links. We finally just showed up, they were helpful and created a code for us, and we got the test (this was for flying home). Results take up to 24 hours, so a PCR test will likely not work for your return to the US, if that applies. The test will run you 59 euro each.

Here is a link for Bruges, it notes the one test center in Bruges.

You can also get an Antigen test at certain pharmacies, the link above lists those, that is about 30 euro, but results are in a couple hours max, that might work for your day 2 and day 7 test, not do not submit results. This might be your best bet for return to the US though.

Be aware, your CDC card will not work for entry to restaurants, bars and museums, you need a QR code, it is easy to get though for visitors. I can post more if this is news to you.

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Thanks, Paul.
We purchased self rapid tests for our last day before returning to the States, which will be Day 7 for us. But you mention the results from the Day 2 and 7 tests don't get uploaded. Are you referring to both the rapid and regular tests, or just rapid? So, do you carry a document that shows the results from those tests? Or is it just an honor system?
Thanks, yes, I already found the links for the CST for Foreigners card and Belgian COVID Safety Apps.

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You do not upload or report the day 2 and 7 results, so I guess you could say it is on the honor system.

Myself, I entered and exited through the Netherlands, tested before flying, and tested on landing in Amsterdam, but did not test in Belgium until two weeks later to fly home.

Another of my party flew into and out of Belgium, we were also in Germany, but difficulties in arranging a test meant he did not do a day two test, day 7 we technically were not in Belgium, though he did test later.. He had no instructions to report the test, and they did not review any test results (other than the one needed for the US) when he left.

To be honest, if you had your own self-tests, that would likely meet the intent of the requirement.

We did speak with a couple from the US, somehow they were provided ahead of time with prescription codes to use for testing, and it wound up being free, but they really did not know how or why that occurred.

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I guess I could add that nothing is set up to routinely check results you carry. Certainly, if you were to test positive, that would be reported, and if in checking, they find you had missed your day 2 test for example, the requirements could impose some penalty.