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Getting to Bastogne

Hi All,

Having travelled all over Europe for several years now on trains I thought I had transportation pretty much figured out. However, I'm trying to plan a trip this fall to include three nights in Bastogne and starting to get frustrated. I know there is no longer any rail connection and I've heard about the bus from Libramont but can find very limited information on it and that all seems to be several years old. I'm considering the train to Luxembourg City (coming from Deutschland) and then a rental car for a few days returning it in Luxembourg. The Hotel Melba where I have reservations indicates no charge for car parking.

Any ideas?



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We've been looking into that, too, except we'll be coming from the other direction. According to Rough Guide, the nearest train station is Libramont. You catch the TEC bus #80 to get to Bastonge.

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I like the rental car in Luxembourg idea. Luxembourg roads are very easy to use, 130 kph on the autoroutes but only 90 in rural areas where you would be driving 100 in Germany or France.

I'd advise getting the most up to date map of Luxembourg because there are always new autoroutes, or parts of them, replacing major roads and your GPS probably won't know about them. Mine never does but I just follow the signs. Because most of Luxembourg is linked by buses (in addition to the (mostly) modern trains) there are plenty of bus lanes prohibited to cars. They are clearly marked but it is worth being prepared.

You will know when you have reached the Belgian border (follow signs for Arlon). Not only do the rest areas with the really cheap fuel and very cheap cigarettes and coffee stop, you see a huge blue Ikea and the road gets worse.

Belgian drivers come with their own "personality", as do Luxembourgers, but driving around Bastogne isn't nearly as much of a challenge as it is nearer Brussels.

To follow up on your interest in Bastogne the car will come in very handy to visit the most excellent and very comprehensive Battle of the Bulge museum in Diekirch, Luxembourg.

You can also see the Patton memorial on the outskirts of Ettelbruck (check my facts on that location, I'm writing from memory) and the American Cemetery near Findel airport where Patton is buried with his men.

All filling stations in Luxembourg have fuel at the very nearly the same price, very cheap relative to all neighboring countries. They are all the same price except a handful which 2 tenths of a cent a litre which is insignificant. Diesel is cheaper and available everywhere, and you get better mileage.

No tolls in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany or nearby France - the nearest French tolls are at Metz or St Avold.

If you can't find cheap cars in Luxembourg - bet you can - Trier in Germany is just a few miles away down the Mosel.

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Thanks Gents,

The rental car is sounding like maybe the way I'll go. I am considering hiring a guide for maybe one day in Bastogne but as a solo traveler it makes the cost a bit steep. Still debating that idea but otherwise thought I would just hit a number of museums on my own and drive the country-side a bit.

Nigel, the various driving tips are much appreciated. I had read some on the "personality" of the local drivers and was mildly concerned, but it sounds manageable.

Thanks again to all,