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Local Guide in Bastogne 28th Division, Battery D, 447th Anti Aircraft Artillery

My father was captured during the Battle of the Bulge and escaped. We are visiting Normandy again this year to learn more as he was Day 2 landing in Omaha Beach and survived. And then going to the Battle of the Bulge.

This is my first trip to the Battle of the Bulge and of course watching the Band of Brothers and watching a PBS series. Since it is the 70th Anniversary of this Battle, I am hoping others have done or planning on going to Bastogne.

We are taking the train from Brussels to Libramknt on Nov 30th and then taking a local bus, either the De Lijin or the TEC to get to our hotel in Bastogne.

I have found a lovely guide, Henri Mignon who will be driving 3 of us, myself and my 2 sisters, to Wiltz and I hope the areas my father battled in on Monday, Dec 1st and we saved Tuesday as well and then heading to a short stay in Luxembourgh where my father was captured and they has Xmas markets. A girl has to shop! Of course the American Cemetery is a big stop once we figure how to get there.

Does anyone have experience with this or is anyone going between November 30th and December 2nd? Trying to organize a tour on Tuesday, Dec 1st and or 2nd as he charges a flat fee so more the merrier but his car only has 5 seats but maybe we could all share the cost of your rental van!

I look forward to your advice and if there is Easy Guide Books.


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I've never heard of Easy Guide Books. Are they a line which is only sold in a specific area?

Luxembourg (no "h") American Cemetary is very easy to get to - any guide worth their salt will know where it is - just off the motorway very near to both the airport (Findel) and the city of Luxembourg City, on the south side.

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My husband and I are at the beginning stages of planning a few days touring on our own before we join the Rick Steves Belgium and Holland tour in June 2015. We would like to visit the Bastogne area after spending our first few days in Europe in Paris. I have found that renting a car and driving cross borders and dropping the car in another country is so prohibitively costly, that we will scrap that plan in favor of a train between Paris and Brussels. From Brussels we would like to go to tour the Bastogne area - likely by rental car. We would appreciate any advice regarding the best way to visit the area in 1-1/2 days before we have to head to Gent to pick up the Rick Steves tour.

Kathy: Could you provide the contact info on Henri Mignon, the guide you are using to tour the Bastogne area?

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I will be very happy to provide you all of my upcoming experiences in Bastogne and the surrounding area. We are taking the Train from Paris to Brussels and using the Marriott Renaissance as our home base but will be checking out some local B&Bs.

Then the adventure of a train and bus to Bastogne where we booked at the Best Western as I really like them in Europe! I would recommend watching the Band of Brothers as I am learning a lot but I am a novice right now on the history.

There are 2 or 3 guides that I have found and Henri has a car. It is much better to have a small group with a car as he charges a flat fee. I don't have that but you might.

Send me a personal reply and I can provide you with everything upon my return as I will be back in early December and I will have my candid review!