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Rick Steves Tours

A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members.

Our tours attract fun, flexible folks who often remain friends many years after their "farewell" dinner together. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. It's also a place for first-time and future tour members to ask questions and get the inside scoop from our tour pros about what it's like to travel with Rick Steves' Europe.

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Yea! No negative test to get into USA.
rlm97405 18
France: Loire to the south or Eastern France
rlm97405 5
Best of Switzerland in 12 Days Tour
rlumpkinjr 7
BOE May 5th 21 Day Amsterdam to Paris
rlvernon 18
Highlights of Eastern Europe! How is it?
rmankle 12
Istanbul in 7 Days tour - foot wear
RMBoston 9
Best of England and Best of London
rmmla 9
90 days in Europe May-July
rmsanders2002 19
Berlin, Prague, Vienna Tour Fall 2017
rnovak 8
RS Sicily Tour - "Activity" level
Robbie 12
Rick Steves' Outlook on future travel
Rob Brent 28
Are Rick Steves Tours Just for Americans?
rob.brew48 24
2016 Tour Patches? And what do YOU do with them?
Robert 20
Sicily tour Departing 2/12
Robert 0
Just booked Best of Poland for Sept 13 -22, 2022
roberta895 11
Suggestions for day in Gdansk before Rick Steves Poland tour
roberta895 2
14-Day Best of the Adriatic
robertajackso... 13
Story on Rick Steves "Story of Facism" special (and included youtube link)
RobertH 11
Best of Turkey Tour
Rob from Rancho 11
Rise before the birds and fall into bed?
robin 39
RS Guided Tour vs. My Way Tour
Robin 5
RS Tours vs Expat Explore Tours
Robin 4
Rick Steves vs. Perillo Tours
Robin 7
Best of South Italy Tour--Vieste, Alberobello and Matera
Robin 5
Best of Ireland--14 days or Best of Scotland--14 days
Robin 8
Best of Ireland--14 Day Tour
Robin 31
Best of Venice, Florence & Rome--Umbrian Winery
Robin 3
Village Italy or Best of Tuscany--2024
Robin 1
Post Best of St. Petersburg, Tallinn & Helsinki Tour (June '22)
robinpodesta 8
BOE 14 Days July 8-21 Who’s going?
robinsonclan4 15
My Way Tours
Robintz 11
Rick Steves Tours
robjam333 28
Best of England vs Villages of Southern England
Rocket 9
$100 Off a Rick Steves Tour
Rocket 5
RS 2021 Tour Catalog
Rocket 14
Péter Pölczman Kudos!
RockiesRoad 7
Vatican Tour
Romeisgreat 5
Car Rental Office near Estacia de Franco
Ron 1
Wiener-Wiesn Festival in Vienna
rongregory 1
Trip insurance refund
ronpokorski 14
Recommended Madrid City tour
ronpokorski 2
Traveling as a type 1 Diabetic
ronpokorski 8
sistine chapel
rookfamily33 5
rick steves audio tour
rookfamily33 3
2020 tours all cancelled
Rosebud 27
RS Family Tours & Getting the Kids up Early
Rosebud 14
First RS tour booked!
Rosemary 17
Best of Paris, Sept 4
Rosemary 10
I got my tour docs! Best of the Adriatic 6/3
Rosemary 21
Question about rooms on RS tours.
RovingCarole 18