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14 day Ireland & 10 day Scotland back to back.

My husband an I (both mid-40's & teachers) took our first RS tour (21 BOE) last summer with my parents, brother and SIL. We sure did catch the travel bug and booked 2 back to back tours (14 day Ireland and 10 day Scotland)

We are traveling solo for the Ireland trip (June 30th) but will be meeting up with my parents for the Scotland tour (July 15th) along with an extra 10 days of independent car travel in England.

Any specific tips regarding back to back tours this time of year.

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Your going to have a great trip!!! I did the Scotland tour last July and loved it, just make sure you take a fleece jacket & a waterproof rain shell. You must try "Sticky Toffee Pudding" while on the tour, my wife and I became addicted to this dessert! The day you get to see the Border Collie Sheep dog demonstration is something you'll never forget. During your independent travel be sure to spend a few days in York, the church is amazing and town is fun just to stroll around in.

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We did back to back tours with a different company and it was great since you only have to go through jetlag once. Just be prepared for a wide range of weather. I've had everything from cold drizzly days in the low 60s to hot humid 80s with limited AC. And yes, definitely Sticky Toffee Pudding. Best was at Bushmills Inn in Northern Ireland. Between Dunluce Castle Giants Causeway.

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My husband and I have done several RS tours back to back (Turkey/Greece, Loire /Eastern France, Villages of South England/8 day Ireland, Portugal/Basque Country). I echo the advantages of saving on airfare, even if having a regional flight to connect, and only one bout of jet lag!! We have planned a rest weekend between some tours and also, flown from first tour to the second tour if the end date corresponds to the start date of the second tour. On a couple of trips, we have found other couples doing both tours also ! No need to pack more clothes, just plan to do either sink laundry or find a laundry. If you can fly in a day early for the first tour, it gives you time to get oriented and recover (somewhat) from jet lag. Plan for layering clothes to facilitate packing light. Sounds as though you will cover the two islands in your month abroad!! Have a great time and enjoy the many new adventures!!