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When 2021 Tours Are Announced?

When the 2021 tours are announced will it be free for all to sign up or do you think RS will allow those of us who had tours cancelled an early registration period? Also do you feel you should be able to sign up for any tour or just the one that was cancelled. I realize we may not see the 2021 tours release dates any time soon. But wanted to get the forum's thoughts on this.


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I wouldn’t call it a free for all..... They have always done a rolling start with limited early spring tours appearing first. . I would expect the it becomes clear where they can and can’t go. Remember...these are bus tours with up to 28 folks...last on the authorized opening.... Former timelines are off the table. I wouldn’t expect 2021 listings until fall, if then.

I cannot speak for RS but I feel very secure there will not be a special registration period. They have cancelled tours for over 10000 people....RS is bleeding money...using his own investments to pay staff...staff hours will potentially be cut back twice over the next 7 months....he is not going to waste money he doesn’t have trying to put together a special early registration list. Just like this spring with early cancellations and not rebooking to different tours. You got your money back and then rebooked as if no prior booking- anything else would have been an administrative nightmare.

I do not think folks understand the economics here. Initial deposit is by credit card. RS pays a percentage to the bank- folks just gotta have their #$&*# points. Then when the cancellations came RS refunded in the manner as paid. Thus credit card repayments to everyone for their deposit and many for their tour payment . RS again pays a fee to the bank. Does everyone think the banks work for free (those points are paid for in merchant charges)?? Everyone gets 100% of their money back, the bank clearly gets their fees, and RS goes negative with actually losing money out of pocket for every canceled tour. We are talking bank fee costs for tours that never happen at well over six figures for non-event tours that never happened. He is not going to rush into booking 2021 tours unless it is a positive go.