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Rick Steves 14 Day Best of Ireland Tour 2021 Release date to book?

I am trying to think positive and would like to book the best of Ireland 14 Day tour for July 2021. Does anyone know when this will be available to book?

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LF, I think that's a question only Rick's team can answer, and I'd guess a lot depends on what happens with the virus and a vaccine in the coming months.

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Tours are usually announced in July or August. Sometimes they give us a sneak preview earlier.

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I suspect that next year's tours will be announced later than has been customary. Sorting through who and what is/will be functioning next year will be, to put it mildly, challenging.

The other challenge will be gauging demand.

Those who lost significant deposits this year, may not have had time to refill the vacation account.

For those who do want to travel, one challenge will be the airlines. Frequency of service and at what price. Bargain fares to get people on the planes or higher fares to fly planes at no more than 66% capacity?

If I were compelled to bet 5 cents on 'when' the release of the 2021 schedule might be, I would choose Sept

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I’m not monitoring Ireland’s border opening situation, but that will determine when tours for visitors can even be considered. Rick’s team will likely be the first to know when they can plan to be able to guide tours. Accepting reservations starting in September 2020 for 2021 tours? it’s quite possible. LF - are you on a list for the Rick Steves people to let you know when they’re scheduling tour customers? You’ll know as soon as they know. I hope you will enjoy your trip!