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I look forward to seeing that show as we were there in 2019. We hope to go back when the Grand Egyptian Museum finally opens and renew our acquaintance with our tour guide Aziz.

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It’ll be interesting, but I bet it’ll be like Iran. Unless I’m very mistaken, independent travel, especially the Rick way, isn’t really feasible in Egypt now.

But, I’ll definitely be watching. I think I’ve every episode that’s readily available at least twice.

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We look forward to this special on Egypt too. We spent most of this past January there and in Jordan before COVID shut travel down. It was an incredible trip which I highly recommend when traveling is possible again.

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I've visited Egypt twice - one independently and last year with a tour group.
It's a wonderful, exciting and incredible country and we had a great time on both of our trips.
I look forward to seeing it the Rick Steves' way.

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Mark, thank you for posting this. We will be looking forward to it, too.
We have not been to Egypt, but studied it extensively in Art History class.
Would love to go there.