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Passport control - False alert

Hello all,

I'm a U.S citizen. Since October of last year, every time I enter or leave a Schengen country, I get held at Passport control due to a false alert. It happened four times already. One of the officers told me its due to a name match (may name is very common). Is there a way to get this dealt with? I have plans to explore more European countries and was wondering if I there is a way to provide authorities my information so that I'm not held at Passport control for the same false alert.

Any advise would be helpful.

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mannypb17, this happens to my husband, as well, but mostly in the States. And yes, he was told it was because he has such a common name. We seldom think about that, because he normally goes by his middle name, and a diminutive of that. But officially, he has one of the most common male names in the country.

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Hmmm …. is it worth contacting your congressional Representative’s office? Perhaps they can find some relief, or at least confirm whether there’s any possible solution.

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"There is a redress procedure."

But isn't the poster talking about "entering or leaving a Schengen country"? This is a US DHS procedure, which presumably won't help them. It refers to being "denied entry into or exit from the US".

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Oops! Missed the Schengen reference!

One of my kids was flagged in the US with a name similar to a “no fly”. I jumped to the solution for the wrong problem!

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I have a common name too. It has happened to me when re-entering the US. Get a travel redress number from the TSA. Enter that number on any flight reservation. Also carry a copy of the letter from TSA if you drive across the border with Canada or Mexico. Be prepared to be stopped and interogated anyway. It's a hassle but there is nothing you can do.