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To the West


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Weeze Airport (Germany)
Kristin 7
Week trip to Portugal with mum ... any suggestions re itinerary?
Georgia 1
Week to spend in Netherlands/Belgium
VK 5
week long apartment rental in Madrid
Maria 2
week in spain: Itinerary ideas? and rail vs car?
Bek 11
week in Sete, France
Kara 1
week in Provence- where to stay
steve 2
Week in Paris - day trip to Normandy?
Kathleen 10
Week in Lisbon?
Sarah 8
week in january starting in zurich
tom 3
Week in Belgium + Luxembourg?
Laura 2
Week in Barcelona with my 9 year old daughter
wendy 1
Week in Aix
Eileen 12
Weekend visit more to offer than a weekday in Versailles?
Peggy 6
Weekend visit ideas from Innsbruck to Switerland or elsewhere
Mary 2
Weekend trip to Austria from Venice
Erin 1
Weekend trips out of Aix-en-Provence
June 0
weekend trips in switzerland, from Geneva?
Tamara 2
Weekend trips from the Netherlands
Stacey 2
Weekend Trip Out of Paris
Kate 4
Weekend trip from Frankfurt Germany to ?????
Erin 8
Weekend Travel in France
jess 8
Weekends in Loire Valley and Normandy
Erik 2
Weekend in Normandy
Blair 14
Weekend in Germany.... Berlin?
Weekend in Germany
Nichole 3
weekend in france, dont know which city
Chelsea 6
Weekend in Dresden
Joan 1
Weekend in Brussels or Bruge
patty 13
Weekend in Barcelona
Caroline 2
Weekend hotel bargains in Luxembourg?
MJ 3
Weekend getaway ideas by train from Innsbruck!
Mary 6
Weekend getaway from Vienna
Srini 1
weekend getaway between Florence and Paris
melinda 0
Weekend Days in Paris
Wanda 9
Weekend away from London in March?
Sue 3
Week before Oktoberfest?
We don't ski -- Is it worth going to Switzerland in Winter??
Alex 5
Wednesday nights at Sainte Chapelle
Katie 0
Wedding in Barcelona
Valerie 0
Wedding in Austria
Barb 5
Barbara 1
Website with reliable bullfight schedules
Travel Boss 3
Website to buy Versaille Day Pass
Dawn 1
Websites in English
Alice 3
web site(s) for regional bus travel in France
Sherry 3
Website lists Paris hotels according to Metro stops
Sharon 0
Website for BO lift prices?
Susan and Monte 13
website for accommodations
Compay 1