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We don't ski -- Is it worth going to Switzerland in Winter??

My fiance and I are going to be in Europe for 12 days in January. We thought we might tour Switzerland but I'm afraid the cities will be closed down and without skiing, we won't find much to do in the Mountains.

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I have never heard of cities closing down? I have heard of ski towns closing down in the summer, but not citiess.

What exactly were you interested in Switzerland. Museums, dining, hiking, etc. Obviously hiking is out, but musuems and other sites do not just close down for months at a time???

Perhaps you are trying to decide how to divide your 12 days in Europe and are wondering what sites you should visit in Switzerland?

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If you want to see the Alps in the winter and you're not there to ski, save your money and go to another Alpine regions, like Savoy, Slovenia, Bavaria or the Tyrol. As expensive as Switzerland is most of the year, the Alpine resorts become even more unaffordable in the winter.

Hmm, I just realized that I've answered a variation of your question on 3 separate threads.

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Well, thanks for your responses. I guess I didn't mean "closed down" but rather, shorter opening hours (like other European cities in Winter) and less to do without the charm of touring the outdoor sights on a sunny day. Is it nice to know that one can seek advice here and be met with well-intentioned, kind-hearted, and helpful responses.

Tom -- your advice has been useful on all three posts. Thanks.

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I went in the winter and enjoy the smaller crowds (away from the ski resorts). The scenery is amazing. Food (chocolate, pastries, etc.) is also great.

Phoenix not only doesn't close down in the winter, it is overrun by tourists (golf, spring training, etc.). It does scare aware 99% of the tourists in the summer which provides us (locals) with empty and cheap golf courses. 110 isn't too bad, much better than 85 and east coast humidity (I moved to Scottsdale in 2003 after about 40 yrs in Maryland.) I would recommend avoiding July and the first couple weeks of August (gets a bit more humid which does make things nasty with it is already 110 ish).