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web site(s) for regional bus travel in France

I'm trying to figure out how to travel between some remote towns. Trains require 3 to 6 transfers and transit times are awful. Does anyone know of a web site that takes you to information on regional bus lines in France?

Also, I'm having trouble finding a way from Colmar to Paray le Monial and then from Paray le Monial to Lourdes. Any recommendations?


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Sherry, are you using to check your journeys? Many buses in France are operated by the French rail network, SNCF, and their schedules will show up as part of a planned journey.Keep your country set to "Great Britain" to avoid being shifted over to the RailEurope website.
Some "backpacking" websites have scattered information on local buses in France. Click here to get youreself started.
Your best bet may be to search for the tourist website for the largest town/city in each region, then send them an e-mail requesting information. Communications in English may be difficult the smaller the tourist authority.

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Country buses in France are run by "departement" (county) councils. You need to find out which departement your destination is in, and then search online for the name of the departement and either "transports" or "autobus".

Usually this will bring up the relevant website quickly but they will be in French with very rarely any English. You can often find information even if your French is limited by looking for the words "horaire" (timetable), "plan" (map), "reseau" (route network) or "tarification" (fares).

Be warned that there is very little in the way of longer-distance bus services across departement boundaries. Also bus schedules can be aimed strictly at taking schoolchildren and elderly shoppers from villages into the market towns in the morning and back again in the evening.

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I can't imagine that any of these trips would not require multiple bus transfers. Supposing there is any way to get from start to finish by entirely bus, that is.