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Weekend visit more to offer than a weekday in Versailles?

I will be visiting in May and noticed that there is a price difference of paying 5 euros more on a weekend visit
in Versailles. Anything special or something spectacular on weekends?

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Kent briefly mentions the Grandes Eaux Musicales. It is more than just fountains flowing. The weekends turn Versailles into its full splendor and is a tradition and celebration with classic French music playing as people stroll in the gardens from fountain to fountain. To aid in the stroll there are also small golf carts available to rent if you have walking limitations. It can be quite a magical experience. Much of the hydraulics used today were designed specifically during the time Louis XIV.

Additionally, there can be areas of the palaces opened only on weekends.

Most spectacular.

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Thanks Kent and Jona,
It sounds so much more interesting on the weekends, we will go on Saturday and visit Giveny on a weekday then.
Thanks again.

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Jona, have you actually gone on a weekend,, well I have ,, and yes, the fountains are lovely, BUT, sorry the taped music blaring through loudspeakers is not particularily " magical " , seemed staticky and fuzzy.
And the only magic of the golf carts is how fast they make money dissappear,, they are very expensive.

I have been 5 times and am returning for my 6th visit this July, I will go on a week day.
The fountains are really specail, but the crowds were just crazy. Perhaps in any other month then July and August the crowds are not as bad,, ?

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Hello Nancy,
I think we are in the same situation. I can either go on a weekday or on a weekend. From the post, it seems the weekend is the one to go for, regardless of the crowds.

Have a good trip.

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I'm also struggling with my two possible options, either on Tuesday, May 20th, or Sat/Sun of the weekend before (17/18th). RS says Tuesdays are bad, but I'm wondering if the weekend will be worse for crowds. We've seen fountain shows (they seem even more lovely at night, but Versaille fountains not open at night in May) many places (ie. at Bellagio, Disney, and Longwood Gardens) so I'm wondering if bigger crowds are worth it also?