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Weekend trip from Frankfurt Germany to ?????

Hi All - I land in Frankfurt Saturday morning. I don't have to be in the office until noon on Monday although my hotel is paid for beginning Sunday. I am going to be in Frankfurt all week, so I'd like to get outside of the city for the weekend. Last month I did this too, and I ended up in Cologne for the night. If you were me, where would you go? I'm pondering Zurich or Luxembourg, but although I have been to neither country so I'd love to add some new country stamps. I'm also thinking of Prague since it was one of the highlights when I backpacked through Europe a few years ago. And yes... planning is not my favorite so I have waited until the last minute to figure this out. I don't need an answer until I pick up the rental car since I know there are some rules about what makes you can take into other countries. Thanks for any help you can give me!! Oh... I'm a single woman. I love pretty much everything from sitting in a cafe watching the people go by to castle tours to dance clubs at 4AM. I do like to meet people and have partners in crime, so any suggestions for meeting people along the way wherever I end up? Thanks

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Hi Erin, Since you don't have a lot of time I recommend traveling to the Mosel River valley, it's not that far from Frankfurt, plenty of great sites, Trier is a nice city to visit and you can get to Luxemborg easily from there. If you don't have a car it is easily accessable by train from Frankfurt. There is a great write up on the area on this website, just go to the Plan Your Trip, Best Destinations on the left side, Germany, then to the Rhine and Mosel Valleys.

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It's about 4 hours away by train (probably about as far as Prague), but if dancing until 4 am is what you're looking for, head north to Hamburg. Although I dozed off at my normal time when I visited there, I'm told that city doesn't go to sleep until the mornings on weekends. If you're looking for something more sedate, head down to Heidelberg (although being a university town, you can party all night here as well) and take a cruise through the beautiful and under-visited Neckar valley. I wouldn't put it in the same league as the Mittelrhein, but it compares well to the Mosel... and it has more castles.

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I think driving a car, after a long trans-Atlantic flight is dangerous. Do please take the train instead, besides which it will probably be faster. Studies have shown that over-tired drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. You won't be getting any stamps in your passport going to these other countries. Hamburg sounds like a great idea, but think about Berlin too. Great nightlife in both cities. Trains to Berlin only take 4 hours. If you want to go to another country, take the train to Paris and it will take under 4 hours.

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Hi, I agree with the vibrant choices suggested, Hamburg and Berlin, and even Cologne. A very lovely small place north of Frankfurt is Marburg an der Lahn, if you want to get away from big cities. I've always liked going back to see and visit the place.

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Thank you all for your advice... I will definitely look into those options. Although the trains are nice as you get to look into the country side, I find that I really enjoy stopping off at the little towns and checking things out and getting off of the beaten path. Jo - I appreciate your concern and will be careful. I am one of those fortunate individuals who sleeps like a rock all curled up in a plane seat. I took this same trip last month, and woke up at 9AM in Germany and on German time. I didn't even get jet lag.

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I like your idea of Prague. A flight from Frankfurt only takes an hour. Old town Prague is compact and easily seen on foot, and there is a lot to see and do.

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All of the above suggestions sound very good. It all depends on how active you want to be. Hamburg, Berlin, Prague obviously are bigger cities with the accompanying nightlife/social scenes. The Mosel is a great quiet trip, by car or boat. We spent an idyllic week in Beilstein, a small town right on the river, highly recommended by RS. And yes, we stayed at Hotel Haus Lippmann. Beilstein also makes for an easy trip to Trier, Cochem, or Burg Eltz for a day. Marburg is an interesting town, but I'm not sure a weekend there wouldn't get repetitive. We didn't find much to do after a tour of the old town. But whatever you choose, enjoy!