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Too many Swiss hotels mentioned in RS'Switzerland 2007 don't have an https address. They ask for my credit card information in an email. Any security suggestions would be appreciated. Would you send credit card info. in an email?

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Many hotels require the CC information in an email. I'm guessing so that there is no confusion due to accents and/or limited experience with English. I've split up my CC info into 2 emails, with an explanation in the first email as to what I'm doing and why. The recipient has never had a problem with that yet.

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I wouldn't worry about it. The chances of your email being "intercepted" are astronomical. Most fraud comes from very low-tech methods, like sifting through garbage cans, and retail clerks selling CC numbers to criminal organizations. I've done it many times without any problems.

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I have started sending my credit card number and expiration in one email, and the security code in a separate email through another email account. I don't know if this will prevent identity theft or not.

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You can always call them and give the number to the owners - you just have to remember they are 9-6 hours ahead (west - east coast).

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I would never send that information via e-mail unless that is your last resort. There are far too many bored kids out there (script-kiddies we call them). You might get away with it but the one time you get compromised and all the trouble you go through with credit fraud and stuff is not worth the risk. Especially just before leaving on vacation, you want to trust your card will get you through the trip. I recently setup all of my reservations by email then faxed them my credit card number along with the agreed conditions established through email and asked them to email me a final confirmation once they received my number. We went on a 4 week trip through 4 countries staying in 16 hotels and all our reservations came through.

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Simple - split your credit card number into two or three segments and send a separate e-mail with each segement. You are spreading the odds of someone getting your complete credit card number out to the the point that it is not worth worrying about!