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Website with reliable bullfight schedules

We'll be in Spain all April. It looks like our best bets to see a Corrida are in Madrid or Seville. Unfortunately, we won't be in Madrid on a Sunday (but may get there on Thursday for the lower ranked event the last week of April). We'll be in Seville right before the Feria, but could change our plans a day or two either way if it gave us the opportunity to see a bullfight. I'm trying to find a good website that gives actual dates for 2012 for planning. I've been to many that give general information, but not good enough to build into a plan. Anyone know of websites that have specific information on them? Thanks,

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We went to a bullfight in Madrid on their very special May weekend. This is a once a year event where the matadors wear the 'costumes' of Goya's time. Don't listen to others - Madrid is the capital city and does showcase top talent. We ordered our tickets THREE days prior to the event and sat in the 5th row. I would not worry too much about ordering seats so far in advance. Go with the flow and see what happens when you are there. Don't forget to rent a seat cushion otherwise you're sitting on concrete for hours. Ole!

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Thanks, I would be less worried if I were going in May. April is the very start of the season. Sevilla, as far as I can tell begins during Semana Santa and is supposed to also have Corridas during Feria. I'm not sure if they have any in between. I'm not sure when Madrid's season kicks off but I understand they normally have Corridas on Sundays and "minor leagues" on Thursdays. We won't be able to attend on a Sunday as we're flying home that day - so Thursday may be our only choice. I'd rather attend a true Corrida, with better bulls and matadors, so may end up hanging around Seville into the Feria to see one. I'm trying to find out the schedule so I can make some choices for my itinerary, not so much to buy tickets months ahead of time.